Hitman Blood Money (2006) Xbox 360 Game Review

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The goal is always to eliminate its targets as discreetly as possible. The player has many possibilities for this: strangling his victim with a piano wire, injecting him with a sedative using a syringe, dropping a piano or a chandelier on his head, killing him with a sniper. This episode will require even more ingenuity from you because the resources are more numerous than before and the maps much larger. This is also the main attraction of Blood Money: very well-structured, vast levels, with a remarkable level design, offering many possibilities for players to get rid of their victims properly. Each level also provides a very particular atmosphere, often very elaborate, immersing the player very well in these sometimes murky, grotesque, quirky but above all credible worlds. This means that we take our time to explore these vast territories to find the most discreet, the most effective, or the funniest ways of murdering.


The gameplay novelties are the big disappointment of the game. Indeed, we have the right to a notoriety system that increases at the end of the missions if we have not been discreet enough, making enemies more suspicious. The problem is that you can very easily reset the counter by paying a negligible amount of money. As a result, it is useless. We can also upgrade our weapons: no interest there either, except for the sniper, since we have seen much more discreet than the use of loud weapons for murder. Some movements have been added to slightly increase the possibilities of melee combat of Code 47, which is not bad.

Fans will not be disoriented: the game is still just as rigid with all these little bugs that annoy (the traditional body stuck in a door, which prevents it from being closed to hide the body). The biggest negative point concerns surely the behavior of enemies, as stupid as before. They do their usual scripting routine, turn around when you walk by like you have a big wart on your pretty face or are a past killer in the midday news. We won't even talk about the rigidity of their animations worthy of another age. It discredits the game and tarnishes the good impression of the game.

To finish on the faults, we tend to repeat the same patterns very often, and the game, therefore, lacks variety in situations and possibilities. He lacks a bit of resources for a world-famous hitman, but finally, given the NPCs' stupidity, we understand that he did not feel the need.


Graphically the game does well without being overwhelming but ensuring the minimum quality not to appear too obsolete. The environments are, however, very detailed, which is a good point for immersion. This is reinforced by music, sometimes symphonic, sometimes electro, always just as good, like the other episodes, although a little too far behind.


Hitman Blood Money is very nice and pleasant to play thanks to an inspired level design, vast maps offering more possibilities to code 47 to eliminate its victims. However, the NPCs' behavior is still ridiculously stupid, and it does mar the experience a bit.

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