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Welcome to Los Santos

Welcome to your new city to explore: Los Santos. The story starts immediately with an excellent overview of this enormous city that teems with life, crime, colours and asphalt. As you know, GTA 5 is free-roaming and allows you to follow a logical thread with the missions or to mess around wasting time around; it seems that the latter is the favourite activity of the players who own it. The storyline will embrace three stories of 3 different characters: Franklin, Michael and Trevor. These bad guys will all be playable and will have their personal stories; inevitably, their paths will cross.

It is an extensive map that includes beaches, coasts, vineyards, countryside, wild areas, the area of Mount Chiliad (and other mountains) fully explorable, the region of Salton Sea, a military base and the suburban area and the city centre of Los Santos. It will also be possible to explore the underwater environment, and great importance is given to space even vertically, with several explorable floors in height.


As we said, you'll have the main characters' missions to play, and the game progress will be marked by a percentage that will tell you at what point you are. Wandering around, if you have previously played Red Dead Redemption, you will notice that they were introduced random events, so you can decide whether to go and take a look and interact, and often convenient because you will gain something, or ignore the warning on the map and continue your mission.

There are many "extra" activities that you can do; now, your smartphone lets you call your contacts and give them an appointment, or take a detour on the Internet where you can even play on the stock exchange, buy properties and generally conduct your business. Not to mention the mythical social network parody "Lifeinvader" (clearly inspired by Facebook), used by some of your contacts and where you can sometimes get valuable information. There are also sports, and you'll be able to try out tennis matches, go to the shooting range to improve your aim, play darts, practice golf, take part in a car or water races. If you are wondering what happened to the virtual prostitution that was exploited in GTA IV, rest assured that it has been improved, in addition to the presence of Strip Clubs, where you can play mini-erotic games.

On GTA 5, the player is somehow invested with a responsibility, and he will have to choose: give himself a goal or wander around in search of fun? Many take the path of success; making money is no small thing in the early stages. Still, with a few tricks in the field, such as locating and robbing the value vans and a bit of cunning with the actions of the stock exchange and investment activities, everything will be faster. Unfortunately, some weapons and features will only unlock after you complete specific missions, so in some way, you'll be bound to meet them if you want to enjoy everything.

Many people don't know it, but Grand Theft Auto V contains several parodies of famous brands and brands of our real life, some of which are usable. You won't be limited to playing only on your console. One example out of all is Lifeinvader, the Facebook parody site that is online at If you authenticate with your Rockstar Social Club ID, you'll have your account in front of the characters and groups present in the game. So you'll get updates from Los Santos Customs or Barber, pleasantly absurd.


A fifth chapter worthy of being played, regardless of your tastes. Not suitable for the faint of heart and demure: violence and eros often leave you stunned by how much they are present, but then again, you know, this is GTA. There is never a dull moment on GTA 5; missions, sports, entertainment, exploration, sharing, creativity, and customization are just some of the game's main features.

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