Gene Troopers (2005) Original Xbox // Game Review Rating: 1/10

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Gene Troopers' story takes us to a futuristic world in which each individual must fight for his or her survival. And to crush a terrible threat to humanity, a genetically modified elite team is created. Gene Troopers is inspired by Unreal 2: The Awakening, released some time ago on the original Xbox. We have to admit that when it comes to plagiarism, Atari's game is not a bad example to follow. However, Gene Troopers offers us an FPS inspired by Mutant X and Unreal 2 highly mediocre.

On paper, Gene Troopers was anything but a piece of crap. Filled with good ideas, the Cauldron game was supposed to immerse us perfectly in an inter-ethnic war, with group fights, vehicle driving, an AI pushed to the maximum, and superpowers such as night vision or regeneration. The developers had even thought of introducing a system of hero evolution and very complex interactions with the environment.

Your enemies, completely stupid, will not hesitate to shoot each other if you are in the middle of them, even shooting stupidly against a wall without thinking of moving if you are hiding behind it. But where is the high-performance AI of these stupid aliens? We're still wondering. Is it to be unlocked? No idea, but I won't try to finish such an awful game to find out.

As far as immersion is concerned, we have already seen better. Here, we're on the verge of a fancy Fisher-Price rifle (you know the ones with shimmering colors?). The universe itself is confusing. An all-out war would have been even more credible in Ken and Barbie's palace.

For the vehicles, Fisher-Price seems to have sponsored the Cauldron game. Let's move on to the famous interactions. Once again, Cauldron appears to play on words! But then again, if you consider pressing a button as a complex interaction. Yes, it was complicated in the time of the first Duke Nukem, and still, this kind of interaction appeared from the genesis of the video game! But nowadays, let's face it, it has become commonplace.

Last but not least, the superpowers are as classic as it gets. Take what exists in Dark Angel and Mutant X, and you have the superpowers of our heroes. We would have appreciated more originality, but well, we shouldn't ask too much of them either.


Let's now move on to the gameplay. We advance in ultra-linear, ugly, and often straight levels that take us from the beginning to the end of the level without going back to the beginning. Here and there, we meet some enemies who will shout some ridiculous noises, which will only increase your hatred towards this degenerate species that claims to be at the cutting edge of technology. Honestly, I wouldn't be able to imitate them.

Graphics & Sound

Both the soundtrack and the graphics seem to be inspired by the first Duke Nukem 3D. The graphics hurt the eyes, rough modeling, ridiculous special effects, the mediocre general design, and bland textures. There is no doubt that you can become depressed with this game.


Ugly, bland, old game, Gene Troopers is, without any doubt, one of the worst FPS on the original Xbox! A title to be avoided at any cost, whatever its price. Even if you are bored, I wouldn't recommend this trash of a game.

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