Forza Motorsport 2 (2007) Xbox 360 Game Review

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After a first episode that made a strong impression on the community of Xbox players, first, of the name, Turn 10 attempts to renew the feat on 360 with Forza Motorsport 2. The latter should not rest on its laurels since the games of races are more and more frequent, and the competition is cutthroat.


This second opus brings together more than three hundred vehicles of all kinds and all under official licenses. So the biggest manufacturers in the world have come together to the delight of the players. Ferrari, Porsche, Peugeot, Nissan, GM, Dodge and many more, they are all here to bring us classic vehicles, GTs, vintage cars and even prototypes and other concepts. All these beautiful people evolve on official circuits and others out of the imagination of developers. Too bad all the same that they are in relatively limited number. A small detail that will be quickly forgiven when you launch the game.

The content is substantial, the game modes are pouring in, and vehicle customization is there, what more could we ask for? The answer: gameplay that lives up to our expectations. And on that side, Turn 10 has done an exemplary job. No need to go four ways, the gameplay is perfect for a car simulation. Neophytes or hardened pilots, there is something for everyone. Everything has been thought out so that no one is put off and that everyone can drive in their own way without having to suffer and finally give up. Beginners will therefore be able to activate certain aids such as the ABS (braking system preventing the wheels from locking), the trajectory controller or even the traces on the ground to indicate where and when to brake. For the others, it is enough to deactivate all these aids there to end up with machines which behave like their real counterparts. Besides, perfectionist players will be able, before each start of the race, to adjust all the characteristics of their car (transmission, tire pressure, etc.) so that it corresponds to their driving. To help apprentice mechanics, it suffices during a race or a test phase to activate a telemetry menu. Thus, all the factors that affect the car can be monitored directly and permanently. A perfect precision tool that will prove to be most useful.


Even if the cars are extremely well modelled and the scenery on the horizon (for example the sky) are sumptuous, we regret that too pronounced aliasing comes to taunt us all the time. Likewise, when we pay a little more attention, we notice that the audience has been roughly modelled and that the textures that adorn the track are more reminiscent of a mush of pixels than anything else.

Let's be relativistic all the same since the game is far from ugly, it is even rather not bad, but it does not manage to exploit all the capacities of our dear white box. While we might think that this defect taints the production, we are wrong since the title remains fluid, fast and fun in all circumstances. The sensations of speed are well made, and the different views available will only offer an ever greater immersion. Too bad, however, that the cockpit view is for absent subscribers. But these few small weaknesses will be quickly forgiven.


To do this, we must thank the soundtrack, which is of excellent quality. The engines purr well, and the public even starts to cheer us when we pass a chicane with class and especially without damage. To be forgiven, the developers even thought of integrating a photo mode as useless as it is essential. At any time during a race or when designing a car, you press the appropriate button to switch to photographer view. Here we are behind the lens, ready to take dozens of photos of our latest acquisition. This mode is all the more pleasant since it is possible to modify each shot by adjusting the lighting, the inclination and many other parameters that will come into play. Once the picture is taken, there is nothing left more than to save all this on an appropriate memory space to then share it with friends. Enough to bring together people who already share a passion for motorsport.


Forza Motorsport 2 accelerates on the straight line and takes a lot of speed. The content is present, the gameplay is impeccable, and even beginners can learn by activating more or less the aids offered. The damage is well managed and has an influence on the behaviour of your automobile, just like the various settings that you will have applied to it. It, therefore, approaches the finish line with confidence, it brakes when entering the bend, lets itself be carried by the curve and then accelerates at the exit to attack the last stretch of road.

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