FlatOut Ultimate Carnage (2007) Xbox 360 Game Review

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Fans of FlatOut 2 on the original Xbox will notice it from the start: this game does not innovate in the game modes or even in the menus' aesthetics, almost identical to the previous release. But should we be disappointed by a title with such a long life span? Certainly not. Like all good modern racing games, Ultimate Carnage includes a career mode here called FlatOut Mode that will, of course, allow you to participate in various championships, time trials and destruction derbies to climb the ladder. With the money earned through your exploits, you will be able to buy new cars and access new categories (four in total). In tuning mode, you will improve your cars: engine, exhaust, chassis, brakes, etc. This game mode alone should already keep you on the edge of your seat for a few long hours. Alongside it, the Carnage mode is classic but explosive: each event (races, derbies, stunts, etc.) allows you to earn points to unlock new events and so on until the end. Like the title as a whole, this game mode offers a well-paced difficulty and therefore a permanent challenge. As you can see, Ultimate Carnage provides a vast amount of content that you won't be able to get around.


When you get behind the wheel, it's time to see what this game has under the hood. And you'll find the exhilarating sensations so dear to the series. The arcade-like driving experience is a treat, and the use of nitro offers a speedy feel that rivals that of a Burnout! But what makes FlatOut so strong is its incredible physics and the interaction it provides with the scenery. Now racing against eleven other participants (compared to seven previously), Ultimate Carnage bears its name incredibly well. The areas in which the races take place will go from peaceful to chaotic in just a few laps. To encourage this massive demolition, BugBear Entertainment has introduced a nitro bar that fills up when the scenery is destroyed, when it comes into contact with other vehicles, or when your driver is ejected through the windshield. The result is a lot of fun, and the races are explosive and full of twists and turns.

Graphics & Sound

Technically, the game impresses despite some graphical bugs of no real importance. The physics engine is once again at the top and offers impressive real-time body deformations, although without any consequence on your vehicle's behaviour. Moreover, and despite the richness of the environments, the frame rate remains constant. Not only is it fluid, but it's also dazzling! Because the miracle of high-definition takes place: FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is visually stunning. The environments are as detailed as possible, the textures look good, and the particle effects are successful. Also, the water, flames and the many cars available are modelled remarkably, and the play of light is more than convincing, with the classic lens flare effect (dazzling sunlight). The audio is just as enjoyable with a high-quality rock soundtrack despite the relatively small number of tracks. The sound effects (shocks, explosions, engines, etc.) are also well rendered.


FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is an excellent game. Sublime graphics, a long lifespan, an explosive soundtrack, a high-flying physics engine and an overdose of fun are all there, so we can only advise you to add this to your Xbox 360 library.

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