Doom 3 (2005) Original Xbox Game Review

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Overview & Gameplay

The UAC, Union Aerospace Corporation, is a complex located on the planet Mars and houses, among other things, research scientists who have no prohibitions or other safety obligations. Many Marines, including you, are also present to keep order between the scientists, other UAC employees, and civilians. Freshly landed on the planet, you are a spectator of a demonic invasion that reaches the entire complex and kills or transforms all the occupants. You will then have to fight your way through all the creatures of hell to understand what happened but also, and above all, for your survival.

Doom 3 takes again the scenario of its predecessors in which one finds the military, the scientists, and the demons all in the same place. The basic scenario sets the tone, and there is little room for overly complex stories because it is the intensity of the action that counts. You will be led to meet enemies throughout your evolution, make a general butchery, find an access card or other indispensable object to continue, in short, an ultra-repetitive scheme that works wonders. However, it's very interesting to note that the Vicarious Visions team tried to bring some elements to build a real story around the game. Let's take the very significant example of the PDAs that each occupant of the complex is equipped with, which holds an incredible amount of information. The latter is often indispensable to allow you access to a higher security zone than that of your rank. Still, others are usually well concealed, whose consultation is optional but fruitful because they offer you the combination of the many chests found throughout the game and contain medkits and other various ammunition. You are not forced to read all the e-mails or other audio reports in the found PDAs, but once again, if you take the time, you will realize the existence of a real story that builds up as the various comments left by scientists and military personnel.


Don't expect me to compare the PC version of the game that I also own because here, it concerns the console capabilities that the original Xbox where I will establish my findings. And this can be summed up in these few words: it's beautiful, almost always fluid, detailed, and creepy! You often hear from critics that the darkness of Doom 3 hides its flaws and shortcomings in graphics. But to them, I will retort that on the contrary, it is in this dark universe that the game will draw all its beauty and graphical power. The flashlight, a fundamental element of the game, reveals an excellent ability to manage light effects. The creatures and other protagonists of the story are breathtakingly realistic, and the textures are used only to reinforce the idea of evolving in a quasi-real universe.

The reflection of a demonic creature's smooth skin is hidden in a place where only a ray of light penetrates makes us marvel in amazement. We are also delighted to see traces of blood rushing through the levels, just like exploding and dismembering your enemies in a clash of human waste. And finally, how can you not evoke the cinematics that fully exploits the game's engine for the greatest pleasure of the eyes. It would be almost cruel of me to talk about the frame-rate drop that you may encounter at certain moments of the game, especially during the most action-intense scenes, so cruel that I won't dwell on it. In short, Doom 3 fits is one of the most beautiful games on the original Xbox console.


The sounds are as creepy as one could wish for. Children screaming, monsters grunting, bullets shooting, and other strange noises will make you cling to your controller. I wasn't lying to you when I said that the immersion was unbelievable. The sound only reinforces this impression once again, if only by the sound effects, which I have just described, or by the seemingly innocuous music, which nevertheless plunges you a little more into the morbid universe. In short, it's nothing but bliss for your ears.


Doom 3 doesn't disappoint at all and is simply an enjoyable experience. The amazing graphics and attractive gameplay alone will plunge you into an extraordinary atmosphere for the best FPS on the original Xbox console. In short, Doom 3 is a must-have purchase for owners of the original Xbox console.

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