Dead Rising (2006) Xbox 360 Game Review

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During a helicopter ride, Franck - a journalist looking for a big scoop - discovers a small peaceful town where strange events are taking place. Surrounded by the police, Willamette and its inhabitants must face a real invasion of zombies. After a short outdoor photoshoot, Franck decides to continue his report on dry land and orders his pilot to drop him off on the roof of a huge shopping centre. Embedded as best he can in the resistance against the zombies by a band of survivors, Franck does not yet know that he is about to live the most traumatic experience of his entire life in the 72 hours he has left to wait before the helicopter returns.


Dead Rising is very simple: almost everything is at your disposal to break the zombies. From baseball bats and plates to chairs, trash cans, mowers, guns and even benches. Never, no, never, had we seen an interaction pushed so far! In total, there are several hundred weapons that you will be able to use, to which are added to the nutrients that you will need to feed on to recover energy.

In Dead Rising, you will be alone against all. In front of you, an army of zombies. To overcome it, all the choices are available to you, but be careful not to be surrounded by these hundreds of rotting creatures, because it will be death assured! To get out of it, you will sometimes have to use cunning, learn the shortcuts between the different rooms of the Mall and choose your path well. Needless to say, if you rush into the heap, with an excellent big knife, you might kill about twenty victims, but the weapon will wear out, and you will soon find yourself surrounded by the enemy, ready to be devoured all believed.

The progression scheme of Dead Rising is rather original. Either you try to follow the adventure and discover the origin of this infection while saving the many innocents that you will meet on your way, or you play it free for all and decide to go alone to fight the zombies, discover new rooms and try on new clothes. Whichever you choose, you'll have a good time because Dead Rising is a game to be enjoyed, and it is not far from being a vintage.


From a technical point of view, Dead Rising is to be classified among the titles which make the best use of the power of an Xbox 360. In addition to a solid graphics engine and very realistic animations, Capcom's game can boast of to be the first title to feature real hordes of zombies. Never, oh God, have we ever been so claustrophobic in a video game! Capcom played his shot very well by drowning the player in a crowd of not beautiful ready to chop him small.


Capcom offers us a real interactive Dawn of the Dead with Dead Rising. Not only does the game manage to make us feel sensations hitherto unseen, but also, it can boast of being visually appealing. If you like the beat 'em ups with the main dish of zombie action, go for it!

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