Crazy Taxi (1999) Game Review

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3 years ago

Crazy Taxi is, simply put, another masterpiece from Sega. The graphics are incredible, the sounds rock, and the ever-ticking clock keeps the adrenaline running through you. The game has some minor problems, but they are easily overlooked when you have this much fun.

The game starts up when you select a driver from four different ones, and you get in your cab. You have to pick people up, drop them off, and make as much "Crazy Money" as possible before the clock runs out. The game seems to take from Harley Davidson; you have a huge virtual city, and places to go, all while a clock is breathing down your neck. In Crazy Taxi, though, you have people to take with you, and they want to get places fast. It's your job, as a taxi driver, to take them where they want to go. You can't just drive the speed limit either. You have to exercise your lead foot and try not to crash into anyone, or you lose some significant cash.

As I said before, the graphics are great. The graphics will blow you away, and you'll see what you can do with such a high-quality board. There are loads of cars on screen, and almost no pop-up. Add no slow-slow down, and you have some of the best graphics in the arcade. You can see for miles, and you will recognize many real-life chains, like Pizza Hut, KFC, Levis, and so on. People are excellently rendered and move smoothly and realistically. However, there is some graphical bug that lets people run through your car when you drop them off. It's not much, but it's there.

The sound is another good aspect. It sounds like they put a few rock CDs in the machine, featuring a few tracks from the Offspring, and others you've probably heard before on the radio. Your passengers will talk to the driver, telling you which way to go, calling you stupid, etc. The voices are clear, and funny sometimes when your passenger gets mad at you. Some of the voices haven't been translated to English as well as they could have been, resulting in some very odd sayings.

All flaws aside, this game is incredibly fun and addictive. You'll go nuts trying to beat the clock, going on the freeway, and trying to get people to pick up. The upbeat music, the clock, and the all-around fun make this game worth every cent you put into it.

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3 years ago