Counter-Strike (2003) Xbox Game Review

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Counter-Strike is, in fact, a game mode that has been grafted onto the architecture of the Half-Life title, as are the multiple extensions of this PC title. Counter-Strike offers you to integrate into each game, one of two teams proposed, namely to take control of a character among the terrorists or, on the contrary, to become a member of the counter-terrorists. From these two teams results in apparent opposition, the first wishing to impose its demands and this by means such as the planting of bombs in strategic places and the second being responsible for preventing its actions of such magnitude from occurring.

Participating in the release of hostages held by terrorists and defusing bombs, these are what the objectives of Counter-Strike are all about. Of course, the team will be the winner if one of them fully fulfils its function or if a big cleaning is carried out in the opposing camp, thus abandoning bodies immaculate with blood. During the game, you will earn money. This will be useful for you to buy a lot of equipment, like weapons and shields. To be able to hope to acquire better gear, you will have to succeed in the objectives of your mission. Thus, rewards will be offered to you, allowing you, during the next game session, to equip yourself properly. Note that in fairness, the team losing too many times will also win money so as not to stray too far from the winning streak.

Like its PC counterpart, Counter-Strike Xbox offers you during the game to buy your weapons. Weapons which, by the way, are fewer in this version. To purchase new equipment, you will need to earn money, as stated above. Thus, at each start of the game, you can use a simple but effective menu to do your arms race. The prices are, of course, higher for quality material. Thus, you will need to count around $ 800 for a basic weapon and almost $ 6,000 for a large calibre. Knives, guns or even submachine guns, Counter-Strike offers you an arsenal to carry out your missions. With an apparent total of sixteen maps, you will travel to the four corners of the world, weapon in the hand of course.


Coming from the PC world, Counter-Strike is a game played in the first person. Accessible from the first minutes of play, it will not take you long to get used to giving your first assaults. The use of the joystick is straightforward, each key being used for an exact action starting with the right trigger allowing you, of course, to shoot at your enemies, the left trigger to crouch and thus gain in precision but also in stealth, the analog sticks to move and the A, X, Y, and B buttons are used for the first to jump, the second to reload your weapon, the third to change weapon and the last, the B, allowing you to switch to secondary mode. Understand that several pieces of equipment have a second function such as a silencer which would be grafted onto the barrel of a small pistol, the sight for your sniper rifle and others. The two small black and white buttons are used to throw grenades and to put down your weapon to get rid of it when it has no more ammunition. Finally, it should be noted that you can give orders to your teammates via the multi-directional cross.


To put it simply, if you were looking for a visual renewal in this adaptation, you will be disappointed. We are here in the presence of a port without much flavor bringing, apart from a few details, no novelty concerning the other titles already available on the console of the American giant. In other words, the textures are ugly and coarse, the volumetric smoke of low quality and everything is sprayed with collision bugs here and there, however, not marring the gameplay itself. Thus, the sets are dull, the trees whose role is to border the contours of the maps are reduced to a vulgar plating of textures from the time of the previous generation of console, the available characters all look alike except their modelling. You will understand, no need to continue on the aspect devoid of this graphic realization. The PC hit is nearly two decades old, and it is not this makeover that the developers had promised us that will make us forget the long years that have passed in terms of graphics technology.


Counter-Strike gives pride of place to the sound environment. Entirely designed in 5.1 sound, the software will delight you. From the loud noise of submachine guns to the crazy noises of the knife, everything here will immerse you in this virtual world that represents Counter-Strike. Giving an even more strategic aspect, the management of 5.1 is the most beautiful effect, allowing you quite merely to locate thanks to your hearing and a little practice, where your opponent is.


We will retain from this adaptation of Counter-Strike Xbox somewhat mixed results. While this port was fun on the original Xbox, the graphics left a lot to be desired.

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