Capcom Classics Collection Original Xbox // Game Review Rating: 5/10

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Offering a compilation of old games is not a bad thing in itself, both for old-timers who remember good memories and for young people who can, in some cases, discover some pearls of videogame history (although you have to be motivated to do so). However, the price must be attractive enough and the content substantial sufficient to be worth the investment.

Unfortunately for us, Capcom is content to bring some old hits from the closet without caring one minute about the gamers' desire.


At first sight, the purists might feel destabilized with the presence of infinite continues. This makes the game easier and will allow everyone to finish each game contained in the compilation quickly. Of course, nothing is more admirable than to make their way to the end of a level without risk. Still, this addition will be heresy for the others, especially since most of these titles are particularly difficult, like Ghouls'n Ghosts or Bionic Commando, which is known to take many hours to complete.

Among the plethora of titles, Final Fight has received numerous remakes in the past - it is most noticeable. It's still all about going straight ahead and eliminating the enemies that come along, as Capcom didn't change anything in the 22 titles. Final Fight has lost none of its effectiveness, and it won't take long to rekindle the flame in many gamers. Another hit is the excellent Street Fighter 2, which makes a comeback with the Hyper Street Fighting edition and its new features (modified gameplay, added characters, etc.). Still, as fun as ever, Capcom's little 2D fighting masterpiece is without a doubt one of the most exciting of this compilation, especially since it has aged quite well.

Finally, let's end this quick look at the other available titles that are without a doubt less interesting, ranging from simple war games to platformers, shooters, head-scratchers and action games. There is something for everyone! The only "problem" is that most of these titles are more than 20-30 years old.

Graphics & Sound

If some of these titles are worth a look, allowing you to discover some video game gems, but be warned, some have entirely outdated handling and ugly graphics, depending on your perspective. The bonuses are not very interesting, often limited to a brief history, a few galleries or simply tips. Worse still, the games are only playable in 50hz, which translates for some of them into a much slower speed than the original and nasty black bands. So, it's hard to say that it's a sour pill to swallow, especially for those who have never tasted these old games and who were expecting to have many hours of fun.


So yes, most of the Capcom Classics Collection games are old hits, but it's better to avoid this port.

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