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An asteroid was hurtling towards the Earth some sixty-five million years ago. Upon contacting the massive destruction that follows wastes to the dinosaurs. Now in the 21st century, at the exact place where the asteroid hit millions of years ago, an island has formed and has been given the highly unoriginal name of Dinosaur Island. The story then cuts outer space as we catch a glimpse at another asteroid and a collision course with Earth. And of course, it's your job to stop it.

The combat in the game is very much similar to that of the Resident Evil series. Blue Stinger sports nifty weapons, such as napalm guns, bazookas, plasma rifles, gattling guns, rail guns, my personal favourite, the Star Wars, lightsaber rip-off, the Raysword. All these weapons make the combat fun to watch, and the virtually unlimited amount of ammo, which I am not fond of, allows for mass destruction. Combat is kept simple as long as you face an enemy, the nearest one is targeted, and the shot hits. The combat is not as sparse as in Resident Evil games makes things fun but does not give that level of suspense as Resident Evil.

The controls in the game are easy to use and very effective. This allowed me to pick up the game and start playing within 5 minutes without reading the manual right off the bat. This is always refreshing to the impatient gamer like me. In the game, the control is responsive and as good if not better than the controls of Resident Evil with things like auto-targeting as long as you're facing in the enemy's direction.

So how are the graphics? The characters textures are in beautiful Hi-Res! The enemy creatures in the game are extremely well done with a Gigeresque feel to them (Giger - the creator of what the Alien from the movie Aliens looks like, just a little tidbit for all you youngins out there.) While they don't hold the Zombie appeal that Resident Evil had, the monsters fall into a category of their own, all richly detailed and a heck of a lot of fun to kill. Some of the more enormous "boss" creatures are astonishing in size and a marvel to look at; my mouth was agape in surprise when I witnessed some of them.

The camera exemplifies what not to do in a survival horror game. The camera follows the main character Elliot Ballad in a third-person view. This detracts very much from the survival horror feel and makes it seem more like Tomb Raider. I have no idea but let me state that this game does not belong in the survival horror genre without the fixed camera view in the Japanese version. The camera followed me just fine in the game but did not have a theatrical feel.

Although somewhat short, the game is not all bad; although relatively short, I enjoyed watching the plot unfold and enjoyed the exciting climax. The story, although poorly acted, kept me enthralled, and I must say that although Blue Stinger lacked in many areas, it did keep my interest, which is worth quite a few brownie points.

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