Atari Anthology (2004) Original Xbox // Game Review Rating: 4/10

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Overview & Gameplay

Even decades ago, compilations of old titles never seemed to be out of fashion. The first thing that strikes the player once the game is inserted in the box is the graphic design. Atari has indeed preferred to offer gamers a compilation of 80+ titles, each one as old as the other, and I might as well tell you right away that it hurts, but then it hurts my eyes a lot.

Good for discovering the beginnings of video games but not much more because most of the time, you switch from game to game to try a little bit of everything, and that only for a short time. The weariness sets in quickly, and you end up dropping these old flagships games. There is no doubt that this compilation will be a landmark; between Pong, Asteroids Deluxe, Battlezone, Black Widow, Centipede and many others, there is enough not to get bored. Not that we criticize the compilations, quite the contrary. But we would have liked more really innovative games than old titles, each one as ugly (most of these hasn't aged well) as the other and often without much interest.

Still, this is a quick look at the range of games available on this good old Atari 2600, which can still be found second-hand but at a very high price, hence the fact that collectors will probably not miss this. Apart from them, it's hard to see which public could be interested in this compilation of old games. Especially since the game experience is light years away from the ones you can play nowadays. Nevertheless, the Atari 2600 is still an excellent console belonging to the past, and sometimes it's better not to dig too far, or you'll bite your fingers off.


If the content is not particularly attractive, the aesthetics is even less so with a menu interface that is poorly thought out and not at all easy to handle. Otherwise, there are a lot of bonuses of all kinds. It isn't easy to judge the graphics since these are old games, and it looks ridiculous when comparing it to other games on the original Xbox. The same goes for the simplistic handling and the life span, which will vary according to the player: some will spend a few hours rediscovering their youth, others will drop the title after only 10 minutes of play, looking completely worn.


Seriously, it's nice to offer us a compilation of many games from the Atari 2600. Still, they are desperately old compared to the current games and other collections like Midway Arcade. A title that only collectors will get.

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