To bleed or not to bleed?

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1 year ago

Bleeding profusely?

Me too.

The average human has about 5 liters of blood in them - the average trader?

After all, they do say that they are heartless vampires....

I have started my buy-in.

I don't have a huge amount to put in all at once, but I figure I can pick up a bit here and there and if all goes well, six months to two years down the track, I will be able to do okay from it.


What is that in crypto language?

50%? 100% 1000% 5000%

What is "worth it"?

Risk Tolerance - people talk about it, but it is only when holdings look like this:

that you recognize if you have it or not.

As well as resilience.

How does your heart feel?

It is still dropping.

BTC is currently about 5% below where it was in August last year, before 2-3 months later, it was riding the ATHs. LOL - that is pretty insane, isn't it?

Crypto is dead!

No, it is not.

Not because it is "too big to fail" - but rather that there are so many believers in it that it is going to start to get squeezed at the bottom end and then, it will start to spring back. Timeframe matters for those needing to sell to pay off their debts, but for those who are manipulating the markets globally (in the traditional markets also), they have all the time in the world.

That is what having money can do - buy time.

Haven't you worked out why "time is money" by now?

It isn't because of what you can earn in that time, that is employee thinking. It is because of the space and time money is able to buy so that a decision can be postponed, rather than forced. With money, you can hold til the grave - without money to buy time, you have to keep earning cashflow, have to keep grinding, paying attention, worrying.

Will the market go up, or down?

With money, it doesn't matter, because if it goes up all is swell and skims can be taken and if it is down, all is well and it is possible to buy in cheap so that when it is up again, more skimming can happen.

Oh, you don't have any money?

Yeah - this is the problem of poor people.

I don't have enough either, so pennies will have to do.

Don't misunderstand...

I don't want to wait either.

I am tired of all of this shit and would far prefer that at least for some time, life could be a little bit easier, that I had the extra for that time and space, instead of the chase. But, at the moment at least, it isn't to be, so like it or not, we have to play the cards we are dealt, in the conditions we are experiencing.

Are the cards bad?

Not at all.

There is opportunity here for those with a little extra, but there is also opportunity for those with not enough. But, it is going to take some risk taking.

Sucks, doesn't it?

We all dream of being able to get all we need and more, without having to expose ourselves to risk and negative outcomes, but that is what is necessary - under the conditions we currently have. No one is going to hand you the keys to your dream job, dream house, dream car, dream partner, dream family and dream feeling - that shit has to be earned, nurtured, protected. And, holding them doesn't come without cost, difficulty, challenge and pain.


Is this painful?

Funny question, isn't it?

I will just remind you at this point that crypto, like money is a concept only and the value it represents is a cultural construct created through a shared experience. The "pain" you might be feeling, that beating heart, the worry in your bones - that is the reaction to an idea that isn't meeting your desires or expectations currently.

Get your shit together.


Man up.

The world hasn't ended yet. You are currently still alive and all of the value your crypto stack was worth six months ago, a week ago or tomorrow, was and is, theoretical. It is the concept of value and while the current shared experience might be valuing less, it won't be long until that sentiment shifts in the other direction and then, you will be happy.

Don't get attached. Happiness never lasts.

Most days you don't spend much time feeling that visceral reaction to life - but you might be feeling it now looking at those charts and, that is triggered by a concept alone. You are thinking of all the things you could have done and all the things you could have bought earlier and now, you feel like a fool - your investor head that was feeling so clever, is realizing how little it knew.

Suck it up.

This is life.

And this life is far more interesting than what 95% of this world experience, as they sit on their couch watching streaming content, whilst simultaneously scrolling on their phone through a feed of filtered selfies and augmented asses.

If you want an easier life, the consumer life is waiting.

And mindlessly and stress-freely -

You'll be bled out.

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Could that be true or just some sort of a joke or something? How true is it the a trader has less blood than an average human?

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