NiceHash succeeded in Unlocking the LHR Limiter of the RTX 30 to 100%.

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More than a year after the release (or re-release) of several GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs with the LHR (Lite Hash Rate) limiter for cryptocurrency, NiceHash developers announced today that they have been able to fully unlock the algorithm through their new software, QuickMiner. It is worth mentioning that the new LHR unlock only works on Windows and is only compatible with the DaggerHashimoto (Etash) algorithm.

For those unaware, the LHR limiter was intended to reduce the performance of GeForce RTX 30 cards for Ethereum and other alternative GPU-mined cryptocurrencies by up to 50%. Ironically, Nvidia's LHR algorithm was accidentally first unlocked by the same company via the 470.05 beta driver. Nvidia quickly fixed the LHR algorithm and released a second version of the RTX 3060 and since that time, all RTX 30 cards have switched to LHR variants, with the exception of the RTX 3090 and RTX 3090 Ti.

In August last year, NiceHash developers were among the first to unlock 70% of the LHR algorithm and now, 9 months later, they were able to crack the LHR locking mechanism and disable it for most GPUs. Now, QuickMiner unlocks 100% for all RTX 30 cards with LHR, except the RTX 3050 and the 12GB RTX 3080, which may feature a new type of LHR algorithm that could not yet be hacked.

words of the developers as follows:

"We are very excited to tell you that NiceHash QuickMiner (Excavator) is the first mining software that TOTALLY (100%) UNLOCKS LHR cards!

Now you can get more profit than any other mining software on the market if you are using LHR graphics cards with NiceHash QuickMiner. Support for NiceHash Miner is coming soon.

This also makes it more advantageous than direct mining to a cluster, as other software is not able to unlock the full capacity of your hardware.

Sign up for NiceHash, download our QuickMiner and get paid in Bitcoin every 4 hours!"

The unlocking of the LHR limiter has already been confirmed by the team, who show an RTX 3080 Ti performing at 117 MH/s, in contrast to the 85-88 MH/s observed with the previous limiter running it at 70% of its capacity.

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