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Mist Marketplace: how the marketplace of the most anticipated NFT role-playing game works

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3 weeks ago
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In Mist we will need to have two different cryptocurrencies: the developers have confirmed that NFTs will be purchased with BNB and upgraded to Legendary NFTs with MIST.

Mist MarketPlace has already been introduced and NTFs have been flying in a matter of ten minutes. Bears, deer and various weapons have disappeared and it has been difficult, very, very difficult to get hold of an NFT (not to mention the numerous technical problems experienced by more than a few users). The developers of one of the most anticipated earn to play video games of the moment, Mist, (to be released on Steam in 2022) have published a series of notes giving some more details on how the marketplace of this promising role-playing game works.

For now, we advance you that in Mist we will need to have two different cryptocurrencies: the developers have confirmed that NFTs will be purchased with BNB and will be upgraded to Legendary NFTs with Mist. This change is especially striking, since on page 10 of the Mist whitepaper it was specified that "the native Mist token would be used to buy and exchange NFTs".

The main functionality of Mist's NFT marketplace is, of course, the sale of NFT. One of the main attractions of being one of the first players to access the marketplace will be to be able to get the first editions of the NFT of weapons, armor, pets and mounts that will be used as in-game items.

First look at the Mist NFT character menu.

This release represents a pivotal moment in the development of Mist. We will finally see its interface in action. According to the developers, in addition to being able to see the marketplace for the first time, we will also be able to start getting familiar with an early version of "the game's features and systems (screen, item inventory, emoticon system, action buttons, etc.)".

The Mist team will also treat this release version as a pre-pre-test on some features. This means that the community will help test many of the technical aspects of the game: screen, item inventory, emotion system, action buttons, etc. Mist notes that "all of these functional systems can still be improved and optimized" with the help of users, with the exception of NFT's own smart purchase contracts, which are complete.

The team has also confirmed that most of the game's other functionalities (spell casting, skill trees, character class selection, item crafting, property purchase, legendary NFT upgrades, etc.) will likely be saved for the September release of Mist's closed beta.

Although the full game will be downloadable, this first edition of the marketplace is intended to be accessible through the internet browser. With the launch of the marketplace, it is already possible to experiment and test the game mechanics, movement, action buttons and player control system, as well as the characters' emoticons system, which encompasses multiple emotes, actions and dances.

The coin-op connection system will work through MetaMask.

MIST token or BNB? How does the Mist marketplace work?

The development team has confirmed that Mist NFTs will be purchased with BNB (the Binance crypto) and upgraded with MIST (the in-game crypto). This upgrade process looks really promising, in the community this surprise that NFTs cannot be purchased with the native token has not gone down well at all.

One of the key aspects of Mist will be the upgrade of NFTs. This means that it will be possible to upgrade NFTs to create Legendary NFTs (LNFTs) that are stronger, faster, and generally superior to their base-level counterparts. This enhancement process will also be used to boost strong non-NFT items in the game. Here's what the development team has commented on the legendary super NFTs:

"The upgrade process, which will be required to obtain the most select level of items in the game, will be a crafting process that requires: 2 of the NFTs, and a set amount of Mist tokens. If these 3 things are combined in an in-game crafting process, a super powerful NFT will be minted."

Mist tokens will also be used for other actions such as buying food from vendors, buying weapons, repairing armor, or paying for skill upgrades. Almost everything in the day-to-day life of the Mist universe will require the use of Mist tokens."

Vendors on the NFT Island will sell basic level NFTs only. Although they are strong, rare and powerful items, they will be upgradable to Legendary NFTs (LNFTs).

For example, "if you want to upgrade your Mozuer Stagg mount to make it faster and more effective, you will need 2 of the Mozuer Stagg NFTs and a select amount of Mist tokens," the official website states.

Metamask connection to Mist NFT to buy and sell NFT.

How to enter Mist's marketplace

For now, the Mist marketplace will only be accessible via web browser. At launch, the Mist team will share the URL for access. Users will go to the website and the game will load automatically. They will be prompted to log into the game world and a character will be generated for them. They will then be able to start exploring Mist's NFT Island.

What's in Mist's world?

This first version of Mist will focus on NFT Island, a small area with a few things to explore:

  • The character's user interface will be available.

  • The character screen.

  • The emote interface and relevant emotes.

  • The action button (for rolling and dodging).

  • The character's inventory and equipment.

  • The character's purse, which is connected to MetaMask.

  • NFT sales interface.

On the island there will be several NFTs to interact with, some NPC characters and a small area to explore.

In the marketplace it will be possible to upgrade Mist NFTs using in-game tokens.

How to buy NFT in Mist in the marketplace

NFTs can be purchased with BNB. To upgrade NFTs to Legendary NFTs (LNFTs) you will need Mist tokens and 2 of the basic level NFTs.

1.To interact and purchase NFTs in the marketplace you will need to log in to MetaMask in your browser.

2.Once connected, go to the NFT you are interested in and click the left mouse button. You will see an information panel appear that describes the NFT, shows pictures and has information. This panel also has a "Buy" button.

3.To complete the purchase, simply click the "Buy" button and click "Allow" on the MetaMask prompt asking you to allow the Mist website to spend your BNB.

4.Follow the MetaMask prompts and complete the purchase.

5.Once the purchase has been made and confirmed, you will see the BNB in your wallet in BSCscan, as well as in the game in your character's wallet.

well and with this I finish this second part of my articles about mist tomorrow I will release the different kinds of weapons, prices, items among other things that there is this beautiful game NFT and remember to visit the official website of mist.

here pandoru1997 says goodbye until the next article

and remember that part 1 one of my article series is here by clicking on this link that I will leave here or if you prefer to look directly for more interesting content that I have shared before....

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Written by   8
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Topics: Gaming, Information, Review, ETH, Future, ...
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