Your Life Ends In Three Days

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A man came to the doctor and they had quite a tense conversation.

Man : Doc, may I ask for medicine to end my life.

Doctor : (amazed and confused) Haaa….why do you want to die? Doesn't everyone want to live long?

Man : I'm not useful anymore.

Doctor : Why useless?..isn't everyone useful

Man : (feeling anxious and guilty) I can't stand all the problems in life that I'm going through.

Doctor : Could you tell me the problem you're having?

Man : My life is ruined, I have problems in my family, they don't trust me anymore because of my attitude towards them, office company is getting messed up because of endless problems..people at work hate me and they don't pay attention to me anymore.. I I can't stand being in this world anymore.. I just want to die.

Doctor : (very understanding with what happened to this man) so do you have the determination to end your life ..?

Man : yes right ... please give me medicine so that I die ..

Doctor : (Hearing the words that came out of this man excitedly) okay, I will give you something..(the doctor gave him a bottle filled with white liquid) .. you have to drink this and you will die after three days.

Man : (takes the bottle given by the doctor).. thank you doctor.. (and he leaves).

Since receiving medicine from the doctor, this man has always done positive things, in his life with his family he has done things that are not as usual. his wife and children were well cared for, he stopped doing things they didn't want, gave them gifts and bought them food, loved him very much, his family life became harmonious and peaceful.

In social circles too, this man gives respect and greetings to everyone and they appreciate him very much too, he even made social assistance to everyone who needs to be helped and everyone started respecting him.

Likewise in the office he respects all the existing employees, treats them professionally and he solves all the problems in the office well because he thinks that his life will not be long.

Because of his actions, many people began to respect him and he feels he has lived a happy life.

One night to be exact on the third day his wife and kids gave him a surprise because of his birthday and he cried so much because he just waited a few hours and he would be gone forever (according to the doctor said).

Having found happiness he had never felt before, this man changed his mind and wanted a long life. So with a quick motion, he got into his car and went to the doctor's house to get the antidote and found that the doctor wasn't there.

All the way home he kept crying remembering all the happiness with the family he found at the end of his life and also the people who always appreciated him for his attitude and actions.

When he got home he sat and contemplated with tears in his eyes, he thought how stupid he was to take the medicine the doctor gave him to kill him. so that night he fell down and prayed earnestly to God that his soul would not die.

When he sleeps and feels very afraid that his end is coming soon. when morning came his wife woke him up and he woke up as usual, he felt still on earth. with great amazement he went to the doctor.

When he met the doctor he said,

Man : doc.. last night I came to your house to find the antidote ..?

Doctor : Why are you looking for an antidote ..? You asked me for you to die.

Man : I have found happiness in my life ...... all the problems of my life have been completed and my family has lived in harmony and peace .

Doctor : It's the fourth day but you haven't died yet.

Man : why didn't I die?...what exactly did the doctor give me..?

Doctor : (smiles..and thinks that his way has succeeded in getting someone back on the right path)... go home and you need to know that all I give is 'plain water'.

The lesson from this story is because of the problems of life we ​​forget everything. true happiness lies in our decision to find it.

Don't make problems as obstacles in your life, solve problems well. because happiness will be found when problems are solved.

Solve your problem!!

Thank you readers!!!

This article is published by me and is mine unless there is inclusion from other sources according to its contents.

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1 year ago
Topics: Inspiration, Life, Wise


Love it, sometimes all we need is positivity to achieved what we want in life.

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1 year ago

yes it is brilliant and an argument that fits the description. very smart you friends can draw this conclusion.

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1 year ago

What a nice story and the moral that came with it :)

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1 year ago

thank you my friend, hopefully this will be an inspiration to many people and can change the attitudes and actions of those who have difficult problems.

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1 year ago

Aw, thanks for this wonderful story. Sometimes we just need to find our happiness in the midst of our battle.

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1 year ago

precise answer. it's true that in the middle of the struggle there will be problems that will come and when we solve them then happiness will come to us.. thank you yhanne, always blessed

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1 year ago