Wood Charcoal Has Positive Energy

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The ancients have left so many benefits in terms of life, although the benefits have magical elements but their relics have been useful for people's lives in this day and age.

Whether it is in accordance with logic when people hear it, may be difficult to explain, but it must be realized that the life order of ancient people was very different from the life of today.

Do you guys know about wood charcoal? maybe if some parents know it, but for millennials it must be very foreign because many people have left this kind of culture.

Wood charcoal is ash from the rest of the wood burning if my area calls it Ash Dodika, which means the dregs of the burnt wood.

But it turns out that wood charcoal has elements that are useful for human life, from a perspective I see it as something that can be integrated with life, because at my house my parents still use wood as fuel,because according to them the legacy of grandparents is something that is valuable and cannot be left behind.

This is wood charcoal and cooking pot, the picture is taken from the cooking place in our house by myself.

The use of wood charcoal is indeed a little shaken because if you look at it logically it often doesn't make sense but this is the culture handed down by the predecessors which is still thick with magical beliefs but regenerates this often includes the application.

Benefits Of Wood Charcoal

Wood Charcoal For Plants

There are many ways to keep plants alive for a long time, such as giving fertilizers and pesticides for flower plants or living kitchen plants planted on the side or back of the house using polybag planting media, but it turns out that wood charcoal can protect plants from pests and diseases and can even keep animals away from growing destroy it or eat it and make the plant healthier.

Wood Charcoal Plays A Role In Neutralizing Excess Fertilizer On Plants

When you take care of plants, the main thing that is often considered is the provision of fertilizers, many mistakes in plant care that result in damaged plants, wilting, fruit falls and other problems due to excessive fertilizer application, but there is no need to worry because wood charcoal is able to neutralize nutrients or Excessive fertilizer on plants.

Wood Charcoal Absorbs Toxic Air

Clean air is an element of healthy living, but it turns out that to protect from dirty or toxic air that contains harmful substances, wood charcoal can be used indoors to absorb disease-causing air.

Wood Charcoal To Give A Deterrent Effect To Robbers Or Thieves

Believe it or not this is the most powerful thing that my parents taught me by my grandparents, because since ancient times life in the village is still thick with cases of theft committed at night, thieves often take livestock and kitchen items However, it turns out that the use of wood charcoal can give a deterrent effect to thieves by giving a little wood charcoal to the footprints that the thief has passed with the record that the footprints are still new or less than five minutes. the effect is that it will give pain to the feet of thieves even to the point of being injured because of their evil deeds.

Used wood charcoal that has become powder.

That's the use of wood charcoal that is still stored, maybe contextually and from a perspective thinking there are things or elements that are not owned by other objects that we often encounter or see in everyday life.

Culture leaves a deep imprint, but human paradigms are often inconsistent with the beliefs they see. as people who were born in the past, of course they apply something that is considered sacred.

But the work of today's people has confirmed with their research that wood charcoal has advantages. Japanese researchers confirmed their findings about the use of wood charcoal to neutralize water to make it clean or clear.

It means that wood charcoal has a radiant energy that can make something negative energy can be removed.

The consequences of living in the past give meaning to life in the present.

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And rice cooked in the wood charcoal smells and tastes better than those cooked in rice cooker :)

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2 years ago

There are lots of studies proven that wood charcoal can use as filter to clean the water also it has lots of benefits on human health and plants. In our province before, we are using wood charcoal for cooking, it's fun to lit the fire on wood then suddenly turn into charcoal and it produce fire, it eill turn into ashes that we use as fertilizers on our eggplants.

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2 years ago

you have done something useful for your life to support life. many benefits for wood charcoal in various elements of life, I have seen it and have also practiced it in daily life and apparently you also know it, you have shared useful encouragement here my friend.

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2 years ago