Thorny On The Outside But Has A Soft Heart

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You know now! recently I published an article about various plants. This happened, not because of compulsion but the mood has changed to be calmer, when I build relationships with nature, especially plants. It sounds ridiculous, if I say that I communicate with plants, it is irrational but I feel cool and calm when the aura of plants is close to my body.

Many interesting stories about plants, thousands to millions of species and almost countless. Interestingly, only the unique and interesting forms of plants are often the talk of some people. It looks a little strange but makes sense.

Love for plants, that's my life now. No matter how big the obstacle, the most important thing is how can I interrogate the plants without speaking, they may never understand that I often tell good and bad things about them. When I did research, without them knowing the identification results had been decomposed in the paper and ready to be presented to viewers, then they would be stored in the blockchain network.

How great am I?? oh no, no and no. This is because the plants and I are only detectives and data processors.

Thorny But Soft

We often listen to this subtitle, but that's not what I mean. Take a look down, when I met my best friend this afternoon.

The tree is not too tall, because of cross-breeding.

Do you already know the name?, the name is DURIAN but the name may be different in your area. This is a durian plant, the shape of the tree is not too tall even when compared to other trees, this type is one of the shortest. This happened as a result of cross-breeding of various kinds.

The fruit looks big, when the cellphone camera shot is brought closer.

The fruit looks so big, when my cellphone camera shot is close to the fruit. Unique and interesting plant varieties, although the shape is very scary because of the protrusions of the thorns on the surface of the skin, this fruit is very popular with some people. Do you know why? because the taste of the contents in the fruit is very delicious and soft. Even though the aroma is pungent like a rotten smell, I am crazy about this durian fruit.

Thorny but actually soft.

Can we be like Durian fruit? Like, a friendship sometimes we find a figure that looks scary and feel afraid to be friends with him, but actually his heart is very kind and gentle. Only the look on his face was that of a bad person.

On the contrary, sometimes we find friends who are unfaithful, at first they seem attractive, polite and gentle. But it turns out he has harbored evil intentions to bring down his best friend. That is why, many people are often trapped and regret having chosen friends, lovers and also life partners who only have attractive looks but have an evil heart.

It's like a durian fruit, even though it looks painful to the touch because of its shape, the contents inside the fruit are very soft and taste good. Let us not judge a person more quickly, before we get the proof. Maybe, someone with a scary face is our life helper.

Thank you for reading!


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