This Is What I Do If I'm Sentenced To Live Within 3 Days

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Life is a gift that is priceless, but sometimes destiny presents an unexpected incident. What happens if we suddenly, I'm sentenced to live only 3 days? The raging thoughts and shackled fears will surely become loyal friends. However, in the midst of that anxiety, we still have enough time to do something meaningful.

In this situation, I feel that my wealth is less important than my life which will end soon. However, if I had to choose, I would use my wealth in a way that helps others and leaves a positive mark on the world.

I will manage the family finances so they can move on with their lives after I am gone. I will also prepare an inheritance to give them a better chance of living. Make time for loved ones. Family and friends who are always by our side, comforting and providing support in every situation.

I will also go on a trip that I have always dreamed of. Exploring beautiful places that I had never been to before. Along the journey of life, there must be mistakes that I have ever done. So I will use this remaining time to apologize to people who have been hurt.

Don't forget to forgive others who have done us wrong, because that will bring us peace.

As the remaining time runs short, the best thing I can do is give happiness and hope to others. Make a donation or help people in need.

No matter how small our actions, can make a big difference to others.

I will make memories that will be cherished forever. Write love letters to loved ones, record videos about life experiences, or create a photo album filled with fond memories. These little things will be priceless gifts for the closest people I will leave behind.

Furthermore, I will choose to give the majority of my wealth to charities and non-profit organizations. I will be looking for an organization that focuses on health, education and assistance to those in need. I will allocate most of my funds to help disadvantaged children get proper education, and also improve inadequate health facilities. I believe that investing in health and education is the most effective way to help society as a whole.

I also want to support scientific research and technology development focused on human health and well-being. I will make a donation to an organization focused on discovering new drugs and therapies, and supporting research on unsolved diseases.

Lastly, I would like to give some of my wealth to help improve the environment. I want to invest in environmentally friendly technologies and support projects that help reduce pollution and restore natural life to degraded environments.

In conclusion, if I am sentenced to have only three days to live, I will use my wealth in a way that helps others and has a positive impact on society and the environment. I believe that giving to others is the best investment I can make, and I look forward to leaving this world in a better state than when I arrived.

Loving life is the most important thing but when we live in the world, sometimes it can't be understood. Before we leave forever, then make something valuable for you, your family, relatives and other people. People may not see us again but they will remember us forever.

Thank You !

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Your purpose is very much appreciated as you want to do good deeds until the end of your life.

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1 year ago

A hope that might come true, if I know about the time the breath ends in the world.

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1 year ago