The Main Son of the Family Tradition

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Continuation of the struggle for life in one family lies in the lowest lineage, interpreted as a symbol of continuing the small family community is the role of a child. Born from a mother's womb, says with certainty that the blood of a father and mother flows in a child's body. In this case, the right to life in a family regarding property, honor, position and social status is fully claimed by a child. In other words, children have the right to own some of the elements in the family. Even though in some cases, each region or country has different regulations regarding the property rights of a child.

It is an important policy in delegating principles contained in the family, based on lineage from predecessors. In this case, talking about character, lifestyle, spirituality and assumptions about cultural elements. It is also not half-hearted, the way of life in managing businesses in various fields such as agriculture, animal husbandry, companies and handicrafts is passed on to children. You could say, the role of children as an extension of family tradition.

In the imperial life system, children are the most important part of the royal family. Like a king, respected, respected and protected, the same application is also carried out on a king's child. The image of a child is seen as the main bastion because it is on him that the baton of the continuation of royal life is. That said, a child is the soul of an empire.

Traditions of inheritance within the family community are inseparable at all times. In other words, the emotional bond in a kinship relationship has a lifetime guarantee. The struggle to preserve the intensity of tradition is a high-value treasure in the family, the dominant role of parents can elevate and extend its continuation.

Maintaining tradition is classified as difficult if intervention from other cultural ways of life affects a child's view. In other words, the mobility of external cultural elements affects a child's life, can be said based on the influence of association, social media, transmigration and immigration. However, it is presumed that the inculcation of tradition from an early age to children is able to compensate for this.

Children's love for the family is deemed necessary to be preserved because it is in this window that the family's existence will be welcomed by the next generation, in continuing the dominance of tradition.


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