The Effect of Rules | Bringing a Change

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Subject to the Office of Leaders and Rules authorized by guidelines from the Government of Indonesia is a task of work in the state institution. As a member of employees I must follow the current regulation because it is the obligation to be done as a community servant. Loyalty and discipline will always wake me up at 6:00am time my country because the office clock is set at the time of 07.00 am. If the rule is not followed correctly then the warning letter will be segara to the desk where I mate the computer.

The habit of first often I do in the present time is changed total, wake up to the community, lazy and irregular life I have left behind from the demands of work I should be adjusted. The positive thing I received when running a work professionally changed my life to the person who always prioritizes disciplined in life. It was initially difficult to do but the demands and habits that began to apply turned out to bring self-power could understand about the real meaning of life that my life was very meaningful if following the rules instead of following the Super Law's heart.

Disciplinary Action And Rules Bring Changes

As a working personnel who are to serve the public government rule should be in the fall of the economy to be made to be involved for the involvement of job tasks to be involved with the service to the public means that people who carry out work in the field of state institutions must provide concrete examples by following the prevailing and uturan and evictions that are presented to the public that the rule is not only valid to civil society only but also performs the task in the Bureaucracy of Government including ourselves to become more realized that the employee of the Nergara became the forefront of the forefront.

After some time ago I had to undergo the first and second dose vaccinancing as the demands of the rules to do. Honestly I was not doubted not to not want to run government rules or also ignore the boss orders but I am afraid of the syringe that will land on my left arm. Trauma at the time is still at school at the elementary school when it should be a needle shock from the medical team, the purpose of the health program is that our children will avoid defects and polio, but what happens to me when the needle starts to eat meat that makes the pain unbearable and most make me cry when it is difficult to revoke by a team of medical, according to them the arm muscle I have lost hard to make this sharp object is very difficult to be revoked because if imposed will be fatal because the needle can be broken. The unbearable pain made me shout very hard followed by the tears of whitening my face. That's what I never forget it until now and make myself a deep trauma so it is afraid to deal with the syringe.

It's experience that makes me fear to vestinate but because of the demands of work then I have to do it so the first and second dose has landed in my body.

The trauma taste turns bold because it considers the future so as not to be destroyed.

Apparently the trauma can change when I have to follow the rules and obligations as a person who must survive to earn and want to always feel the source of revenue in my work because as a child born from a simple family will always understand about the meaning of work, not working then I will not eat.

Time continues when the first and second dose has entered the body eventually came up new provisions that all government employees immediately met a booster shot. It should not have to be fixed to have not been able to get a warning letter from the boss then I go to the hospital to feel a small difference but sharp again piercing the arm area.

Pain began to get used to the circumstances and no longer the thing to be feared. I just slightly screamed in the heart, it may be more sick if the decided girlfriend or paint teeth do not take.

The demands of work is not only about the obligations based on the rules but also about gramtake. If working the fraction or also in the virtual world, whatever you do and any conditions that exist in person are not a problem because it is the freedom we have but different from the system applicable in the instance and institution, all must be encouraged to be involved and must follow the rules so that there is equality of the leadership level to the members.

Hair is the crown and that's the short sentence that most people say most. Some time ago I have been shared articles about the hair problems I have experienced. Now the demands of hairy sudiscaries should be followed up, my hair originally started the length finally had to be immediately trimmed.

What do you think? Does it look cool?

Maybe it attracts the attention of a woman, a silly mind starts out of my brain who wants to make love. Apparently the demands have also changed my physical condition when looking at the end result of my haircut.

Sometimes we do not feel how late we live when only dwell and do not make changes. We all have advantages but saved masib, sometimes the condition of the condition will be forcing we to act and finally we will understand that how life is the life we have.

Thank you!


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Nice haircut friend😊 Anyway congratulations for having a civid vaccine ,I did'nt recieve yet my booster shots and felt scared of it😅

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1 year ago

Those rules in workplace may look difficult to adhere to but unknown to us, they're teaching us discipline and how to adjust to some terms

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1 year ago