Simple But Phenomenal Plants

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Greetings from Indonesia to the world!

My country, Indonesia, is famous for its agrarian life or agriculture, which continues to produce various crops from various types of plants. Business in agriculture from ancient times until now seems to have been attached to the community, especially those living in remote or rural areas. The continuation of their breath of life is very dependent on the sowing of seeds that they do in each agricultural land. From generation to generation farming has been taught to the younger generation by the ancestors so that the agricultural sector has become an important part of generating individual and group income, even almost 14%-15% of the source of gross domestic income comes from the field agriculture. This is what gives an indication that the lives of Indonesian people are highly dependent on agricultural products.

Simple But

High Beneficial

One type of plant that has fruit is the banana. Maybe almost everyone in this world knows this fruit because almost every region or country has bananas but actually banana plants are agricultural products from Indonesia. Reporting from wikipedia said that Indonesia is the 7th largest producer of bananas. This indicates that there are quite a lot of banana plants in Indonesia and I also feel the same way in my area which is still filled with this fruit that has a heart.

Banana plants have many uses ranging from roots to leaves even in addition to being used as food ingredients, banana plants are also used as ingredients for the treatment of mild and even severe diseases. This is also the reason that in my area almost every backyard has a banana plant because its benefits are very influential for human life.

Green but can be destroyed

Short sentences that are suitable for bananas that are still green or not yet ripe. Maybe you know that flour comes from rice, sweet potatoes, wheat and so on but actually bananas can also be made into flour. From the source it turns out that the manufacture of flour was initially carried out in African countries and Jamaica to be used as an alternative material for using flour. This has also strengthened the assumption that bananas are very useful for the needs of food sources even though the value is not too expensive.

Coexist with simple plants

In my backyard there are several groups of banana plants that grow, this banana tree continues to shoot as a generation that will replace the banana tree that will become extinct, meaning that when this banana tree produces fruit, the tree will start to grow old and eventually die. The great thing about banana trees is that they always regenerate from time to time.

Storm winds have made this banana tree toppled because the tree is not strong enough to withstand wind and storms. The unripe and green fruit can be made into flour to be used as food ingredients.

The banana tree behind my house has helped my family in food supplies and there are times when the tree bears so much fruit, my mother sells it in the market to substitute for other foodstuffs. The necessities of life are available in nature, let us take care and protect all types of plants so that we can enjoy the authenticity of the food sources provided by nature.

There is no need to see how much a plant is worth but its benefits for the needs of our lives.

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Oh, I've seen such plants here in my area but I didn't know there's the benefit it gives to the people and might as well to the environment. It is very interesting.

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1 year ago

it is a banana plant that is very popular with many people, delicious to eat when ripe and also fried and many more uses.

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1 year ago

My favorite product from banana is the banana cake and banana fritters. I can't get enough eating those 😁

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1 year ago

Banana is actually common in topical countries like Indonesia, and, Philippines. They can be used for different processes. Simple but phenomenal plant, indeed!

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1 year ago

The advantages of banana plants are the main attraction of many people because of their taste and benefits.

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1 year ago