Reality of Life | Hunt and Be Hunted

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Not only humans are given the ability to think, process and produce something that can be used as a source of life, but other living beings also get the same way to explore their ability to get something useful for their lives. The need for food is a primary need that must be met if you want to survive in this world, when the stomach is not filled with food, that's when the brain begins to think of looking for prey as filling an empty stomach. The reality of life cannot be underestimated when everything happens that cannot be stopped by various elements of society who are tasked with identifying the involvement of humans and animals in hunting for food sources, social inequality in society creates a scheme that is not well organized because the necessities of life must be met. The expertise of each hunter becomes the main basis for finding targets that can be used as side dishes to fill an empty stomach. Humans have a different concept of thinking with animals, if humans use homemade rifles to hunt in forests, rice fields, plantations and in the wild, it is different from animals that rely on their skills based on their parent affiliation.

You may have seen the superiority of animals when hunting other animals, the intelligence of animals when hunting has been their nature from generation to generation, in contrast to humans who have to learn various basic hunting techniques, animal skills in hunting are not learned regularly but based on the experience they see from their parents when hunting. hunting while humans must have a learning process regarding the behavior, actions and habits that are often carried out by animals and also humans must also have tools to facilitate the hunting process. Animals have special skills when launching their actions, camouflage, sharp eyes, claws, horns and even poison that animals have into deadly weapons to paralyze their prey. The life of carnivorous animals is very interesting to explore because we can see the ways they use when in the wild.

Hunting and being hunted is a reality of life that occurs in this world, nothing is free in life when all aspects of life must be fulfilled then human life is like being in the wild. Every human being does his own work according to the skills learned by each party, hunting for gold, money, groceries and the most familiar today is hunting for cryptocurrencies. The ability to think must also be supported by physical abilities, it is very difficult for someone to hunt and compete if their physique is not normal even though they have capacities beyond the abilities of others but the harshness of the hunting world will make them helpless.

We must realize that hunting competition in this world does not only rely on the ability to think but also how to be dynamic when the world requires us to move passively or actively. It is difficult for someone to carry out executions to hunt for the source of life so that many of their fellow humans have to be left behind when facing the swift currents of the waves of life. Hunting in this world is a fact of implementation that cannot be avoided by every living creature, on the other hand hunting is an act that is prohibited according to certain country or regional rules but on the other hand humans cannot live without hunting because their life lies in the supply of nature.

The survival of humans and other creatures against hunting is an interpretation that takes sides and ignores various parties, agree or disagree, but life and the breath of life will always be the main choice.


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When our stomach is empty our mind think of ways how to fill it similar goes with other living things, so it cannot be said that we only humans have thinking capabilities, every living being need food and skills for their survival

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