My Parents Are Great

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Through the brunt of the wind and storm, has formed a defensive force that never stops, rain and heat make a mark on the face that will never fade by time.

Night turned to day, the direction of the sun showed the opportunity to roll on the ground, sweat and hunger felt day after day remembering the family at home.

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This is what my parents used to do. maybe I cry when I remember it, as much as I am in the position now in my duties and work that are different from my parents definitely "I can't pay for their sacrifices with money because their hard work is more than gold and diamonds".

I only realized now why my parents didn't allow me to be involved in their work because "they want to see their child succeed and have a future". the pain they feel they don't want to pass on to me as their child.

I smiled a little and felt a little teary eyed when, my father called me to take him to the park. (a thing I've been leaving for a long time because of my job). when i got there i looked around and i felt, i was in "historical nostalgia about the battle for survival".

Agricultural land for planting

My head didn't move and my eyes stared blankly at a small building built for shelter. (My mind wanders, I want to ask in my little heart.. is there still a building like this in an advanced age).

simple house (cottage) for resting and cooking

I stood in front of the building and looked inside and my eyes fell on the place where the fire was made to burn (an ancient work still in use today). great for sustaining life the traditional way.

a traditional cooking place that is still done from generation to generation.

I looked outside again and found my father feeding their white cow, this is where I almost cried (remember when I was in school my school fees were taken from selling cows). I lowered my head and tears came out (what should I do to repay all the kindness of my parents) that was the whip of burden that had stabbed my feelings.

the cow that became father's cattle

My father went to the corn planting area and it turned out that the corn had started to be picked, but because my father was raising cows the leaves and stems were given for animal feed.

plucked corn

I took a picture of the garden landscape and the green grass is dry, for me this is a precious moment, being in a place that has become the history of my life, when I get married I will tell you about how great my parents were and they have infinite value.

dried grass from tomato plants
corn plant
learn like an ant that keeps trying to survive

This is a real-life consequence of being in a dramatic place. retreating will make life lifeless and going forward will make life afflicted by the harsh turmoil of life in order to maintain family cohesiveness.

Commitment is the key to changing life, the contribution of energy and thought has changed one's image to be meaningful.

"Time may change but memories of crying and suffering will continue to flow even though time has swallowed"

Great Parents!!

Thank you all friends who have read this article excerpt.

Hopefully useful and keep loving all of your parents, because they are great

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Topics: Parent, Great, Proud, Inspiration, Life, ...