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Streets are getting stuck, different from previous years. Day of day Almost everyone has a two-wheel vehicle with varied models, the production of the world's renowned company with classy labels, the money puppet keeps in the company's bag with good accountability with the market continues to increase over time. Cool model, not expensive, suitable for medium and lower economy class.

The motorcycle driving facility has absorbed the enthusiastic society that has sufficient financial resources to buy an iron horse but the festivoint and joy began to turn into threats.

In the nearly a month, my area continues to be afflicted with the sound of the grief. The streets turned to desert when some young people had to go for the time of the streak accident that took place in a week.

Some path corner points are given a sign of respect, the wreath on display on the outskirts of the road and bulb of used ball rubber to indicate that the point of the road has occurred accidents and loss of life.

The many young people in my area are very fond of fly and gas toll racks, they often show skills on the streets to keep people like a like a grand Vermentino Rossi's grand prix. The level of pride while driving does not have any medications, almost every night of motor vehicles with the exhaust that has been modified destroys the ear drum in the community in particular its on the outskirts of the road. Can not sleep, concentrate and interfere with comfort crossing often occurring at night midnight. The road conditions that are in my area are not possible to spur the vehicle faster because the winds are winding even though the road is already paved but its route is not like the race arena.

Sounds the ambulance car rings very hard and we already understand that there is another street victim. Motor vehicles have much to whose lives of young people who are in my area, not the wrong hatch but who drive it. Now all silent in no sound again the sound of the exhaust of the modified exhaust resulting from some of the stories of the rounds of the young man.

Some factors encouraging accidents in my area.

  • Rider of the rider does not match the street area.

  • Influence of liquor (alcohol)

  • Mutually shown skill

  • Betting

  • The number of pets like dogs that often pass through the highway at night.

As a rider, I am also one young man who often use motor vehicles while going to work or used when having purpose and personal purposes but one thing I often do when using motor vehicles is driving. Shoes, leather jackets, the soothes and most importantly are also helmets as head cover.

Helmets are very important when we drive a motor vehicle. According to, helmets can provide additional protection in part of the head (depending on the structure) of falling or high objects.

I can mean that the helmet we use in driving can protect us when there is a hard clash that will abound our heads when it falls off a motor vehicle. Without using helmets then our safety will be threatened because when we fall and receive hard clashes then we can suffer from the brain. The collar of the brain is a head trauma that is not accompanied by brain tissue damage and causes fainting during no more than 10 minutes. People who experience the brain after being aware of the glance will complain the dizziness and vomiting the brain is usually caused by a conflict, but not all the claims that the head can cause the skin of the brain.

We can feel the ease of transportation when driving a motor vehicle, close range or far the motor has made it easy for us to activity but to be the right rider then we must be wise use it, although the driving fit we have met but if not comply with the rules in passing traffic then everything is just in vain. The calm, concentration and conditions of the body is also the most important thing for us to enjoy the path and also always remember to keep pocket to the Almighty in accordance with their respective trust.

I am always reminded by my parents that I am not an iron or robot that can be bought in the market, their intention is the organs of the body not sold in the market. So, it should be wise to use motor vehicles, prioritizing self-safety is very important.

Motors can be destroyed on the streets because we can change with a new motor but if our body has been destroyed then there is no longer a new body to buy for not being sold.

Riding an iron horse means bringing life, one mistake can eliminate the lives for ever.

Beware when driving because your family is waiting for you at home.

Thank you for reading! It could be useful.


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Motorcycle accidents are one of the major causes of fatalities here in our country as well. Many are just reckless.

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1 year ago

Yes my friend. Wearing helmet is a must when driving. Here in our country all the drivers of motorcycle do not allow to drive if they are not wearing helmet.

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1 year ago

At my place of residence, alcohol is the major cause of accidents. It's a school environment and oftentimes, students soaked in alcohol would be running 'fast and furious' skills on the road

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1 year ago