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Dedicating an interesting image to be introduced to the public is something that is not complicated and very easy when cellphones and the like are currently used commercially to upload and download images via smartphones. But photo images often cause confusion for other users, user perceptions are different and raise confusing questions from the images they see, I mean someone's image cannot be interpreted scientifically even though the image looks simple. Many original photo images without labels circulating in cyberspace, have attractive, charming and beautiful characters, but these images do not have concrete information so that users cannot detect the true meaning of the image.

A blogger works with the help of a photographer, meaning that a photographer's artwork is included in a blogger's writing. The purpose of using a blogger's image is to support and complement his written work with image expressions in accordance with the concept of the article's purpose so that the image greatly influences the written work. When the blogger inserts the wrong image, the value of the paper is likely to decrease because the image does not match the purpose of the article. For example, when traveling to a place we have never been with the help of someone's roadmap, when the road we meet does not match the road picture on the map, will we get lost? it could be that we chose the wrong path and our goals did not match our expectations. Likewise, when using unlabeled images, we often get lost in our own choices and decisions. You may find it difficult to tell which image to choose to be part of a piece of writing or other content when you come across a similar image. It's also different with the same image object but shot at the same time even though the object is the same but we can tell the difference because it can be seen directly.

The concept of the same image but has a different meaning is an internal problem for everyone, especially media users who do not want to give bad input to the public, so that efforts to find the right and original image by detecting the initial source of the image from someone's work with a definite title.

The object of the image provides its own inspiration for everyone, sometimes just by looking at the image someone can find ideas and can change their static thinking concepts to become dynamic when the shape of the image gives suggestions to someone's mind so that inspiration arises from the image.The image of the universe is a source of inspiration for objects used by photographers and painters to create interesting and amazing works. Objects that exist in nature can be found with various kinds of flora, fauna, and other natural objects. Interesting images of flora, fauna, and natural objects become a source of inspiration and exploration for an art blogger and photographer. Image is a vital thing and becomes an inseparable part of everyday life to support the interests of work and work with the aim of expressing interpretation, illustration, communication, evaluation, navigation, entertainment, and so on.


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I really get alot of ideas from looking at the pictures; for example, when iam stuck for ideas and don't know what to write,, I will just look at the different pictures and attempt to come up with a title. Indeed we use images to support our views since they may convey thoughts messages that words cannot.

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