Humans Come From The Ground But Their Character Is Like The Sky

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Humans originally from the ground eat the produce of the land standing on the ground will return to the ground but their character is like the sky.

Humans Come From The Ground

As a creature of the Almighty, the origin of man comes from the ground or dust. God created man not from iron, water, fire, or any other particles in this world. The formation of humans is the omnipotence of the creator and as the noblest creation, humans must be aware that dust or soil is part of a life when humans are present in the world.

Maybe as people who live in this day and age often forget or don't know that humans are actually a place where humans stand alone, most of the contents of the earth are land that has a different image and uniqueness, just as humans have different characteristics, actions and behavior. different mindsets and personal uniqueness.

Eat The Land

The human perspective that always distinguishes the life of the times may have to be reviewed because in fact, human existence now and in the past are all the same and have no difference in terms of the source of the necessities of life. Humans need to eat to survive and almost all the necessities of life come from the soil.

When humans eat rice, corn, beans, fruits and vegetables which all come from the soil. but often people forget that the source of food is like the source of human formation itself. The results of the land have made humans happy and able to survive in life.

Farmers cultivate and grow agricultural products humans can earn money from selling agricultural products and can build a life that all comes from the soil. as well as other humans who buy food from farmers to be able to meet the needs of life so that they can be active and everything is from the land.

Standing On The Ground

Humans build all elements of life on the earth's foot, all stories of life unfold in a stretch of black soil, every regeneration places their feet in a sphere of earth wrapped in a layer of soil.

Humans built the splendor of the world, super-majestic buildings, sophistication in technology, planting and harvesting and all transactions of life all run on land. because humans are not enthroned to live in the air or in the sky, therefore the Almighty created humans with legs so that they can walk and carry out their responsibilities on the ground.

Back To The Ground

The Almighty has absolute rights for the life of humans who live on this earth, there are those who come and go every regeneration will definitely feel the air at a certain time according to the will of the Almighty.

When humans are born will definitely feel life, happiness, sadness, success and failure all mixed in one story that will be left behind when everything will end and when human life is over their last place will be mixed with the black soil. some are born and some will die, everything has been determined by the Almighty.

Character Like Sky

This is the problem of human life from age to age, from generation to generation that humans are never satisfied with what they have. When born as simple people, humans want to change their lives for the better than their previous lives. can eat and meet the necessities of life, but when all of that is realized then a desire arises to look for something more valuable.

  • Poor human life wants to turn it into a simple life.

  • A simple life, people want to turn it into a life of wealth.

  • Live in wealth and abundant wealth, humans want to change it by wanting to own the contents of the earth.

  • When someone is appointed to be a soldier he tries to change his status to become a guard, when he becomes a guard he sees the role of the commander in chief with his power then he tries to become a commander, when he sits as commander he sees the beauty of the general then in various ways he wants to change his status became a general when he sat down as a general he saw the highest power in the hands of the king so with all his efforts he tried to become king.

This is the wheel of life and the nature of humans who are never grateful for what they have. you may ask why other humans can live in wealth and prosperity while others only live a simple life? remember that the more humans want something higher and when all that is achieved there will be a time when humans will want power like God.

Humans must be aware in thinking that humans are actually dust or dirt so don't have a character like the sky.

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It is magnificent to discover and also investigate the creation of life and the supernatural that is in it

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2 years ago

that's life and the way how we respond to it, because life requires deep analysis logically.

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