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Food Chain And Community Chain

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4 months ago

Natural Science subject is the favorite science of students since they were in elementary school, students' interest in this subject lies in the uniqueness of the pictures with the nuances of nature and living creatures. sightings of mountains, forests, valleys, rice fields, rivers, lakes, seas, animals, the moon, stars, sun and humans have hypnotized the students' brains so that the fondness for studying natural life becomes a top priority.

Of the various materials presented in Natural Sciences, the most interesting to study is the "Food Chain" because this material presents all the elements of living things. by definition, the food chain is an ecosystem of living things, namely the transfer of food energy from plant resources through a series of organisms or through a food chain where an organism eats one another to obtain energy and nutrients from the organisms eaten. (source wikipedia)

The picture for the food chain was made with my own drawing sorry the picture is not very good.

So between living things one another depends on "eat and be eaten" meaning that every living thing cannot live without other living things because energy sources or life needs must be met for the survival of ecosystem life to run continuously. the food chain greatly affects the lives of living things because if there is one living thing in the food chain is reduced or extinct then the circulation and ecosystem network will be damaged and have an impact on the high mortality rate of a population due to fighting over reduced food energy sources.

Many populations of living things, especially animals, have experienced extinction from time to time resulting in the loss of several types of animals such as dinosaurs and their population types and several types of animals are threatened with extinction such as giraffes, bison, rhinos etc. due to the breakdown of the food chain. In ecosystem communities, especially on land, it can be seen that predatory animals fight each other for energy sources or food from other types of animals. This problem gives the conclusion that the lack of food sources affects ecosystems (land, sea and air), populations and food chains.

As humans, who are on the highest throne, the network of life has an important role for the survival of other living things, but in reality, the role of humans as a destroyer is the cause of the lack of food sources, abuse such as hunting animals continuously, cutting down trees, destroying forests as residential land, etc., is a way to paralyze the network. life. Human awareness to stop this action is needed so that the survival of other living things can be enjoyed by the next generation.

Network Elements of Life

  • Man

  • Plant

  • Animal

  • Food chain

  • Ecosystem

  • Population

Based on the description above, it becomes an understanding that human life is interdependent with nature, meaning that humans cannot live without the life of other living creatures. This also gave rise to my idea that within a community there is a cycle or community chain.

Read Cash Community Chain

As a read cash user, loving this platform is an honor in itself because the impact has been felt by every user. many interesting stories have sprung up from old and new users, the impact of positive changes giving rainbow colors permeates all the hearts of lovers of writing. dedication has sprung up for thanksgiving in the form of pictures, writings, videos etc. all this is because the sincere love from the best platform in history is then felt by users.

As I said above that the food chain is a way for living things to get energy for the necessities of life as well as the Read Cash community I tried to make a picture of the Read Cash community chain actually this is a dedication to my love for the platform that has helped me for the more than two months I've been here .

Community chain image so far my understanding sorry if the image is not very good.

This is my understanding of the cycle so that Read Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Fund Providers and Platform Users have their respective roles for the growth of the platform. as a good user must pay attention to the correct procedure for the continuity of the user as a writer.

Working on this best platform is the dream of everyone from various lines and places in this world. sharing important communication is a way of support like a food chain that humans cannot live without the help of others as well as the users here there is a high sense of togetherness to establish good relations among users and there are no conflicts, feuds and other actions that harm users.

As a community who loves writing, the presence of new and old users has become a big family bond of Read Cash. continue to grow a sense of brotherhood between us all, make sincerity and love the basis of life in one big family. there is nothing more valuable in this world than "love" so do it before it's all over.

I, you and we are all in love, standing the same tall sitting the same short. greetings to the big family of Read Cash.

Author's Message

All ideas in this article are mine as a dedication to the love of the best platforms with no elements from others unless stated. be a wise user so that the direction and goals are always achieved, thank you, may you all always be blessed.

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Written by   101
4 months ago
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I went the other way around, I developed my taste for natural sciences already great, previously I didn't like them, now I love spending time with nature

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4 months ago

Life experience has taught everything that the natural life around is where we work in various aspects of our lives. We cannot live without socializing with nature because our life is in it.

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4 months ago

I remember this study in high school. The cycles keeps rotating and a miss in one factor affect the others. I love how you demonstrated it with this readcash platform. We all need each other to survive

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4 months ago

we must understand that our life in this world cannot live without alone our life is together with nature so must preserve all. dedication to read cash when we work with this best platform.

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4 months ago