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Best wishes to all friends!

Today has entered the 3rd day of the 4th month, I am always in a calm and tense atmosphere because of the many demands that have to drain my pocket. In times of commemorating Easter celebrations, there must be a contribution to support this activity. What would happen if I didn't provide financial support, for sure my face would turn red or pale, not because I broke the rules but because I was ashamed of the other members.

Today I was beside the house, actually just wanted to look around the house while thinking of a way to find a solution, so that I could get money for contributions but my eyes were fixed on a small but old tree. This tree has been covered by vines.

Each side of the tree trunk is circled by this plant. The leaves are small green but have a long brown root, creeping up to the end of the tree. This plant is small in shape but has the ability to absorb food from other tree bodies. He could develop so quickly and might as well take over this entire small tree.

Try to imagine, how much food is absorbed from this tree to meet the intake of its development? this is what might make some types of trees slow in the process of producing fruit or the fruit doesn't last long and falls at a young age.

From Wikipedia sources explained about vines:

Vines are one of the habitus of plants. As the name implies, this plant needs other plants (usually trees) to get the best position in the competition for sunlight. Vines grow on the forest floor so they get little sunlight. Because the stem is weak, it has developed several special organs, such as tendrils, spines, or aerial roots to help it survive by "riding" on other, higher and stronger structures.Most vines can become vines if they don't get support. However, there are a number of plants that propagate obligately and cannot survive long when they spread on the ground. Well-known examples of vines are rattan, various types of pumpkins, and tuba.

Source : Wikipedia (search in Indonesian)

It's different with plants or orchids, maybe they also have the same plant pattern as these vines. What if these orchids and vines had merged into one tree, surely the tree would look thin and infertile. Maybe some cases that occur, there are also trees that cannot survive longer because their lives have been drained.

I started to think, this is what is called the drain. If in the animal world, surely we know a small animal called leeches which are famous for sucking their blood in other animals or also in humans.

If so, what about our human life? many cases are happening now, because they want to get benefits in business. So the moneylenders provide loans with high interest rates. How can people who are less able to repay loans at high interest rates. In relationship status too, I often hear about blackmailing a woman or a man, when they are dating or dating. Likewise with cases of kidnapping children who in fact only want to extort family assets.

From this story I can conclude that of all living things, plants, animals and humans have almost the same problem, namely the life of extortion. Actions like this must be cleaned up so that life can grow and develop.

Until today's story is here, I'm still thinking about ways to get the budget today so I can contribute to committee activities. You have to understand, because this month is the month of pocket drain.

Thank you for reading !

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8 months ago

Speaking about money that is also my problem. I really need to earn and save a lot. There are many expenses to comply.

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8 months ago

Hope you can get it. Keep trying and raise the spirit.

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