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Transparency Document for Venezuela Workers Fundraising.

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1 year ago

First off, thanks a lot for everyone who donated. These funds will surely help to progress faster and reach a better designed platform.

As promised, we published a transparency document for Venezuela Workers fundraising.

Click here to check it out.

Some important notes to take in consideration about director, lead developer and community manager payments:

  • Quote from our fundraising proposal.

"We also want to be transparent that once the fundraising is completed, we plan to offer our main director, lead programmer and community manager a 6-month or 12-month upfront payment to prevent volatility issues."

If you notice full payments going out at this moment, it is at decision of each of the mentioned positions. We are offering them upfront payment for their commitment at the start of the project and to prevent volatility issues that might harm the total budget expected for their work.

Any questions regarding all the other areas, please, comment below our mail me at (personal email) or


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