What is consciousness?

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2 years ago

What makes us who we are? It's a big question and I don't think that I have all the answers though I often think about this.

I figure that consciousness means to be self aware, aware that we exist, aware of the things in the world around us and aware that we are thinking.

Can AI ever repticate human consciousness and become self aware?

I think not personally, well not by itself. This is what worries me about the rapid rate of technological advancement.

Elon Musk has a company called 'Neuralink' which is looking at implanting chips into peoples brains so that they could operate robots with their minds and perform brain surgery.

It is the stuff of science fiction, but it may become a reality.

I have posted a link to an article about the technology below if you want to learn more.


Anyway I guess this sounds like a worthy cause and something good if this technology can be used to help people.

Though there are a number of things which concern me about this.

Could rouge actors use this technology to enhance a persons intelligence and create a super being.

AI by itself may not be able to be self aware, have consciousness and aware that it exists, but a hybrid of human and AI would.

What are the implications of creating a super intelligent human AI hybrid?

Take a look at this video to see the potential implications of these AI chip implants over the next 30 years. Really it is worth a watch, it sounds far out but it is happening!

Maybe this technology can be used for good but I personally feel that it is tampering with the natural order and in the same way as genetically modifying crops could have unforseen concequences in the future so could this.

GMO crops are often modified to become resistant to herbicides, meaning that farmers can now use chemicals and herbicides to kill the weeds, without fear of killing the crops too.

After the harvest of a GMO crop the land looks desolate, like a desert, all the microrganisms and weeds cannot survive and the whole ecosystem is damaged.

Never mind the fact that we then go on to eat these crops which have been treated with high levels of herbicides and chemicals.

Lets go back to the matter of consciousness.

I believe that consciousness cannot be explained merely by electrical signals and chemical reactions.

Human beings are unique and what makes them conscious unique and self aware is the fact that they have a soul.

This cannot be explained by science, humans in my view are more self aware than the amimals. They can express themselves through complex language, they are aware they exist, aware of their surroundings, they have the power of reason and a sense of morality, which they can either heed or supress.

Animals may we aware of their surroundings and self aware to an extent though do they have the power of reason and conscious thought like humans?

Are they aware that they exist and that they are thinking. It's a difficult question.

Trees and plants are living things though can they think for themselves or is their life pre programmed by their DNA? Do they have the power of conscious thought and if not how can we prove that?

Life is unique, special and a gift, AI can do many things but I don't think that it can ever have true consciousness by itself.

Human AI hybrids are a bad idea in my view.

Consciousness is something truly unique which cannot be replicated by a machine.

Consciousness is a miracle, a gift from the Lord God who is the Alpha and the Omega, the begining and the end, the creator of the life and the universe itself.

I hope you enjoyed my article. If you made it to here thank you for reading.

You can find some of my other articles here.


Article is my own

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2 years ago


Mmmmmm......nice article

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2 years ago

Hmm nice article. Learned a lot about how dangerous Human AI hybrid can be. If we are not careful technology will be the weapon that will destroy us all.

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2 years ago

Yes it is concerning, who knows where this technology will take us.

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2 years ago

Yes exactly

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2 years ago