Freedom of speech

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2 years ago

Freedom of speech is not just about allowing a person to speak freely but also about the ability to listen to others and let their view be heard.

Diversity of opinion is something that we need to protect, but it seems that over the last 10 years or so our ability to engage in constructive debate on difficult issues has been erroded.

Of course we cannot incite hate or violence. This is of course completely wrong and should be condemmed, however people should be free to make their views known even if there is a possibility that some people may be offended.

These days it seems that we have to guard our words and be careful what we say, particuarly on social media for fear of offending others.

In reality though if we pander to the concerns of the most sensitive in society and are not able to express ourselves freely then we allow peoples feelings to bubble under the surface but we do not erase their views.

Also in the case of the current pandemic our freedom of speech is also being restricted for holding the wrong opinion.

I remember at the start of this pandemic there were many who questioned whether the source of the outbreak was indeed the wet market in Wuhan.

There happened to be a bioscience laboratory in Wuhan, the 'Wuhan Institute of Virology' in which research was being done on bat coronaviruses and how to make them more infectious.

This research was known to be risky, there have been lab leaks previously in China which fortunately have been able to be contained.

But big tech would have none of this. This was viewed as a conspiracy theory and many videos and posts on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter were taken down for suggesting that the virus could have escaped from a lab.

Why was this research being done, who was funding it for example are questions that need to be asked.

People have been deplatformed for asking genuine questions about how effective masks in slowing the spread of covid, raising safety concerns about the vaccine, or questioning whether lockdowns are the answer.

We simply do not seem to be able to engage in free discussion about this.

It makes me wonder even more why they are trying to supress the information that we can access, what are they trying to hide.

The theory that the virus could have escaped from the Wuhan lab is now being taken seriously by the mainstream media.

It was regarded as a conspiracy only 6 months ago.

It makes me wonder what else that is regarded as a fringe conspiracy now may actually be true.

The freedom of the press and freedom of speech is so important. The media tends to be controlled in the most authoritarian regimes around the world.

It is possible to argue that Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are private companies and they can make their own policies regarding the content on their platforms. Though they have their agenda and are surely being lent on by governments across the world.

Is this all part of some big plan to control us, to limit our freedoms, our freedom of speech and out basic human rights?

Thankfully there are a few social media platforms that still allow free speech.

I will share the links below.

Gab, Parler and Gettr are social media platforms which still allow free speech.

Bitchute and Brandnew tube are similar to Youtube but do not deplatform people based on their opinion.

I hope you enjoyed my article please remember you have the right to speak freely and this is something we should aim to presreve, if we lose freedom of speech it is a slippery slope.

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2 years ago


It's clear that they just modified a bit the flu and make the world scary of that. Plus they are spreading something in the air by planes, and who knows what else they use to do that. Of course they will remove all the information that's against them. They prefer people to think that the virus is natural, no one made it. They prefer to say they have solutions, while they don't have, they prefer to hide that there is no solution. The only solution is to care about our immune system and live a healthy life. There are so many diseases, and this virus is not the only one. Plus, some studies say that there are not viruses. It's just a chemical thing. So, we don't have to be afraid and we have to keep spreading the truth in decentralized media and reuploading what we can to let everyone know about the truth.

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2 years ago

Yes stay healthy, eat well and exercise, get outside for fresh air and sunshine too! Staying indoors for months on end is not a healthy lifestyle.

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2 years ago

Freedom of speech is something that we have the right too but can't fully express on. As someone who has this unfiltered attitude to express myself with righteous comments over a thing or two, I feel limited in sense. Likewise as a commications student, it feels like the profession of being truth seekers.

Thus, that means there is and will always be people who have the power to shut people's voices as if were muted or invisible. Being restricted with information worth noting was like giving away tge opportunity of getting better. It's as if the voice of humanitu wasn't heard at all.

Definitely, there's a barrier between these things that restricts the capability of humans to express themselves— let alone whatever country you are in. Without the power, we are still shackled in that continuous stream of censorhip and limitation.

Thanks for these wonderful platforms. I will surely check it out and see great minds and powerful opinions about the issues the world has been facing now. Looks like Gab has a lot of potential for me.

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2 years ago

I am glad you enjoyed reading, and also that you found the links I posted helpful. I care about freedom, we cannot take our freedoms for granted!

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2 years ago

If the freedom to speak freely and express one's opinion were real, what would experts say about the pandemic process and the angle in particular. Many of them avoid speaking and are not listened to because those who can speak are in the minority. Even in the most developed country there is no freedom of opinion yet

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2 years ago

That's very true, the people in power control the narrative, it is very difficult to change things without freedom of speech.

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2 years ago