The One.Surgery Bitcoin Cash Whitepaper

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3 years ago

One.Surgery is proud to release its seminal whitepaper, declaring an official affiliation with Bitcoin Cash whilst outlining its aims and objectives to improve access to safe surgery across the world.

We aim to be the world's first global non-profit organisation that utilises cryptocurrency throughout its financial workflow, from internal banking and finances, to ground-breaking use cases of cryptocurrency and NFTs throughout our projects.

The whitepaper describes the global issue of grossly imbalanced access to life saving surgical services in the poorest parts of the world, whilst describing our projects that help to power improvement of surgical care at the grass roots levels. We describe our growing portfolio of Bitcoin Cash use cases.

The official whitepaper can be downloaded here.

We will soon be releasing our fundamentally unique NFT series soon to celebrate our affiliation with Bitcoin Cash, as we aim to be a sustainable, inspirational and leading member of the global surgery and Bitcoin Cash communities long into the future.

Check out our limited edition tokens here!

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great work indeed.. innovative on many fronts: novel medical journal access, cryptocurrency use cases, nice non-profit work.. congratulations team, and good luck!

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