One Surgery launches our second Flipstarter #bitcoincash campaign. Join us!

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2 years ago

One.Surgery is buzzing to announce our second flipstarter campaign, with the aim to go even further and faster in 2022 with our innovative use cases of Bitcoin Cash.

We are one of the first organisations in the world to embrace BCH as our primary transactional currency over the legacy fiat banking model. This year, we have fallen in love with Bitcoin Cash, and developed projects at breakneck speed, including the first ever peer review scientific journal powered by BCH micropayments.

This journal is starting to gain worldwide attention. We understand there is a long way to go in such a competitive industry to establish this journal and reach out to our stakeholders about our use case of Bitcoin Cash. This, along side our other BCH projects, is our motivation for this flipstarter and power us through the whole of 2022.

Our campaign promo video is here:

And the Flipstarter here:

Here is just a glimpse of the positive attention we are getting from just the journal, and the ongoing outreach work we still have to do!


Outreach needed:

Thank you once again, it promises to be a super fun Flip campaign!

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$ 26.51 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 1.11 from @Telesfor
$ 1.00 from @btcfork
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2 years ago