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Happy New Year from One.Surgery: A Non-Profit Organisation powered by Bitcoin Cash

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3 months ago

Happy New Year from One.Surgery!

We are a non-profit organisation, dedicated to global surgery, first established in 2018 and over the last few years, we have steadily been fascinated with the world of cryptocurrency and in particular, the amazing features and achievements of Bitcoin Cash, along with it's thriving community. Since 2020, we have been further engaging with the Bitcoin cash community, successfully completing a Flipstarter campaign in December 2020 to establish a crypto powered scientific journal. And now, in 2021, we aim to get stronger and bigger in the hope of making meaningful, positive changes in the world.

As we grow, we aim to be the first non-profit organisation that has Bitcoin cash running through our veins, and as BCH grows, we hope to grow with it, and contribute to a world with safer surgery, and permissionless currency.

Here are some aspects we hope to grow with BCH:

The One.Surgery Shop

The One.Surgery shop ( sells merchandise and gifts, including T-shirts and mugs dedicated to #BCH, which help us spread the world of global surgery and Bitcoin Cash. We accept only one form of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Cash, and use sales to put profits back into the organisation!

To be truly sustainable, One.Surgery aims to sell a minimum average of one T-shirt a day, and if we can do that, we will be able to power forward with all our projects and continue to achieve our mission.

Please do consider buying a T-shirt, and getting our BCH flowing!


As we establish our presence in the global surgery sphere and expand our bitcoin cash projects, we do realise that we could benefit from all the help we can get! We are happy to accept any form of donation in Bitcoin Cash, and the wallet address we accept donations will have a fully public, annotated online ledger (more on this later!). Here's our wallet:


Bitcoin Cash employment!

We are really excited to announce One.Surgery has hired its first employees with Bitcoin Cash payments. We now have contracts with employees in Tunisia and Ethiopia - with a monthly salary, contracted for 12 months, to be paid in Bitcoin Cash.

We believe an important case use of BCH is borderless instant global transactions. For our organisation to have international staff members, any pay with minimal transaction costs seemlessly, Bitcoin Cash seems the perfect solution. Western Union, Paypal, Bank transfers or other alternative methods of payment all come with significant barriers an drawbacks, especially if we are paying to different locations throughout the world. Bitcoin Cash makes this very easy, and by paying in BCH, we further empower the BCH economy into different, untouched parts of the global surgery society.

#BCH Promo

Not only are we promoting Bitcoin Cash by advocating its use in our social media presence, and our merchandise shop, but hope to integrate with other BCH marketing strategies and projects. We have signed a marketing agreement with Satoshi's Angels and will be promoting our #globalsurgery projects within the Zapit wallet, hoping to reach out further and faster than ever before.

By combining ideas and campaigns with other Bitcoin Cash projects in the community, we hope we can promote each other during this exciting growth period.

Blockchain Ledger

We hope to provide a transparent set of accounting, demonstrating transparency and value for our work. We believe we are the first non-crypto organisation to publicly and willingly annotate our transactions, allowing our blockchain activity to be explored. We keep our ledger here:

Global projects

Ultimately, we hope to integrate Bitcoin Cash into some amazing global projects, firstly focussing on developing a research journal that breaks free from the high cost publication fees. We hope to develop a community funded scientific research journal, that accepts Bitcoin cash payments to cover low cost, high quality publishing costs and access research seamlessly. This project will begin in earnest in 2021, but we have further plans to integrate BCH into more projects as we grow!

How to support One.Surgery

Shop shop shop and spend BCH! (more really cool bitcoin cash products coming soon!)

Donate: bitcoincash:qzquhh3avrqt6cgtk8dnsegz03sj7npwdyg2xvgdtp

Follow us on social media (just having your support will be amazing!):


Thank you so much, happy 2021 from a trulyBitcoin Cash powered organisation! Let's hope together we can put aside the heartaches and difficulties of 2020, and become stronger together as we go forward to a whole new year of hope and innovation.

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Written by   63
3 months ago
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If you are looking for some people to be part of the project i would be happy to be.

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3 months ago

Thank you that would be wonderful. I think there is definitely some aspect of the BCH cryptocurrency strategy that One Surgery needs some help with!

For example, explaining cryptocurrency to our global health communities and a meaningful way to increase uptake.

Or improving our marketing strategy / sustainability with BCH products.

Or exploring tokenization options in the non-profit sector.

Or working with BCH development for business focussed feature development such as wallet features.

Or or or! It really is an open canvas! Can contact anytime on telegram or twitter: @onedotsurgery or email: admin at one dot surgery

Thank you so much!

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3 months ago

Happy New Year @onedotsurgery ! Carry on your good job with BitcoinCash! This year is going to be a great year for all of you!

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3 months ago

Thank you let's hope for 2021 and keep building upwards!

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3 months ago