Flipstarter economics (Flip-onomics) - the real value of bigger blocks and bull runs!

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3 years ago

For those happily following the energetic One.Surgery Flipstarter campaign (to liberate science across the world), we have some exciting new scientific analysis of our wonderful Flipstarter dashboard. Based on a recent donation, (and respecting the cherished big blocks to the BCH cryptocurrency ethos), here is some further in-depth commentary of our charts!

The Big Blockbuster effect

This is previously described as a Pareto principle, (where 20% of influencers dictate whether success will be met). However we currently have a 1:19 big to small block ratio (approx 5%). We therefore suggest changing the principle name to: The Big Block-buster effect!

The first bull run

The Big Block-buster effect has caused ripples in price charts, creating our first bull run in the donations and daily marketing grind! However, this sudden bull run has excited speculators and campaigners that the moon target can be reached sooner rather than later.

The all-important F-D ratio

The all important flip-dash ratio - which was previously hovering between 0.8-0.9 in our campaign. One Big Block-buster event has catapulted the ratio to a healthy 1.21, and the campaign is now on target. However, further big blockbuster events will be required to maintain the ratio through to the end.

Well, we can all agree this science is for fun and campaign enjoyment - as One.Surgery continues to work hard over the last 13 days of this campaign to ensure success. However, we would ask you to please consider just one critical fact in this work.

There are many barriers to real genuine scientific expression, particularly in the field of global surgery, where publishing costs are inhibitory to the dissemination of scientific progress.

So, if you have enjoyed our graphs and "Flip science / Flip-onomics", please help One.Surgery challenge this paradigm, and get us over line, hopefully with as many Big blockbusters as possible!

Pledge today: https://flipstarter.one.surgery

Our flip dash: https://one.surgery/flipstarter-dashboard/

Many thanks, Saqib (Founder of One.Surgery)

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TFW Flipstarter TA :O

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