12 Great reasons to support the One.Surgery Flipstarter campaign!

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3 years ago

We launched our first BCH Flipstarter campaign this month- to break down the barriers of the scientific publishing industry (and empower more equitable research throughout the world). Here are 12 great reasons to support this Flipstarter - thank you so much for your consideration!


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Great initiative. Having scientists to pay a lot for publishing their discovery and share knowledge - is very bad. Publications have to be reviewed and be a good quality but somehow this should not stop research exchange. I think scientific publishing should be free and publications have to be open for all.

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3 years ago

Thank you swca.ch, entirely agree that in the perfect world all science should be free and open access but ultimately, publishing high quality work in a high quality way does have some cost to it, and therefore someone, somewhere down the line has to pay, otherwise the industry collapses.

Our concept is to firstly, dramatically lower the cost of publishing, to reduce the profiteering and also make the science easily affordable. So rather than open access, we say "affordable access".

The second question, is once it is affordable, is determining who pays the bill. This is where we introduce a system where anyone can pay the bill to "open up the article" for the community to make it free for everyone- whether that be the author, the reader, the journal, or the donor (or a combination of it all) - that way the journal still gets compensated for their role in the production of the work, but its equitable, sustainable, and fair for all.

That's the model we propose, hope to establish and think BCH can power this model beautifully.

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3 years ago