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Life The Dancer

Yesterday, I watched one of Eckhart Tolle's interviews with Oprah Winfrey, where they were discussing life in general. In one of the discussions, Tolle mentions that “life is the dancer and we are the dance,” to which Oprah is visibly amused. She, much like me, could not believe that we aren’t the dancers. Eckhart smiled in his usual calm manner.

Note: Jump to 1:20 minutes mark.

That statement was difficult to understand, especially with what society has taught us – having ambitions, reach for the stars, should be a go-getter, and the likes. It is obvious for me to believe that I am the dancer and not the other way round.

Am I right? Well, maybe. Or maybe not.

We The Dance

While the idea of us shaping our life is so overwhelming that we would tend to believe that we are the ones making things happen. The idea is correct, and we tend to make things happen (after all, we are creators), but it is not brought about by brute force. It is not the physical work that brings about the outcome as much as the mental part of the work.

Let’s talk about this with an example. If you want to be rich and slog for hours on end for it, but you believe that rich people are pests, leeches, and every other possible bad thing, it is likely that you won’t become rich. It is your mental faculty that is restricting your progress more than your physical side. You would continue to work for more hours on the physical side but not see a substantial difference in your earning. So, what do we do then?

We change our belief system. We start looking at the good things that rich people do. They give, they spend (which contributes to the GDP), and humans much like us. Isn’t the last part the only truth? They are no aliens having a unique way of earning more. They are just like us. If we can make this shift in our mind about being rich, then our mind allows the flow of richness into our life. This flow compliments our physical work, and then we become rich; in fact, many end up working less and earning more. That’s how easy things are.

If that is the case, then aren’t we allowing our belief system to shape our destiny? And if that is true, aren’t we just the dance that life the dancer is performing. The only control that we do have is to be positive and allow the dancer to help us or be negative and keep going through life opposing the dancer.

Life the Dancer and the Law of Attraction

Now, the Law of Attraction (LoA) teachings clearly state that we need to ask (vibrationally and not physically) and then allow the asking to come by. In a sense, it states something similar to Eckhart. If life is that one thing that brings our asking, then all we have to do is vibrate in alignment with it. What is the vibration in alignment? Dance in tune with the asking. So, what does that make life? The dancer, of course.

So, wouldn’t we say that Eckhart’s comments are in line with LoA too? If that is the case, then be the dance and let the dancer choose you. 😊

So, that’s It..

Be the dance that is full of positivity and watch the dancer take you to your asking.

Have fun! 😊


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