Law of Attraction and Starting a Successful Day!

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Successful Day!

How easy or difficult is it to start a day successfully? Can it be done? Let's understand it together.



The statement ‘starting a successful day’ is a rather confusing one because success is something that comes at the end of an activity and not at the beginning. Unless, of course, we call waking up a success. Maybe, that is too, but there is more to the statement.

Now, followers of the principles of the Law of Attraction (LoA) would have a different understanding of the idea of starting in success. You see, according to the LoA, what we wish for, we need to accept and believe that it is already there. If we start believing that we are living a successful day, then chances (and a good chance) are that we would indeed live a successful day.

Therefore, the way forward is the achievement of the mindset and not the physical activities on which we base our idea of success. Starting a successful day means achieving the right mindset at the beginning of the day. Although it is something easy to say, it sure takes some effort to implement. Here are some ways in which we can reboot ourselves every day in the morning.

Every Day is A New Day

We are a generation too focused on the backlogs. We have pending work to be done every day, pending chores to be completed, pending repairs to be done, and pending many other things. So backlog is a part of our life, and every day we start planning to deal with the backlog. But the sad part is that this has become so ingrained in us that we also carry the backlog of our experiences and mood from the previous day; which means that if we had a bad day the previous day, then the chances are that we will be expecting a bad one in the new day too.

It need not be that way. The fact is that every day is a new day and should be treated like one. We need to let go of the habit of backlogs when it comes to our mind and body. Everything in our life happens now; there is no backlog as far as events in our lives are concerned. So, respect and appreciate this fact and treat a new day as a blessing and enjoy it. This also aims to look at the tasks to be completed (including our backlogs) with a new perspective. A new perspective will definitely work wonders if it starts with the belief of being successful. I hope you are following what I am getting at. 😊

But how do we go about treating every new day any differently? The answer is to change the way we start our day. Here are some tips:

1. Be Thankful


‘Thank God!’ is something we say ever so easily in the course of a discussion or while making a statement. All we have to do is be honest about the thanks. What I mean is, don’t just say it, but mean it and make an effort to identify the blessings every day in the morning honestly.

I had discussed gratitude in an earlier post, and you will identify with the fact that “thank you” is no different. In fact, the idea of gratitude builds on thanking for what we have. And we further notice how gratitude brings us closer to a good mood, good mood, in turn, to a good feeling, and once the feeling is achieved, we have triggered the LoA to get us more great things. And that’s how we put the idea of success early in the morning.

But there is a tiny problem. What is it, you ask? Well, here it is. Most of us would have a tough time identifying the blessings because we had been cursing the events in our life for so long that we don’t recognize a blessing anymore. It takes some effort but once you get into the habit, identifying and appreciating a blessing becomes second nature.

Let’s look at some practical steps to get us going.


What Do I Do?

Here are some steps you can follow, and the repeated doing of it will ensure that we get into the habit of doing it.

1.First thing as you get up in the morning, sit up, relax and make a conscious effort to identify and recognize the good things that happened to you the previous day

2. It is not going to be easy since your mind will already be shouting about the not-so-good day we had

3. Just gently let those not-so-good thoughts pass by and refocus and identify the good. If we feel that there was nothing great the previous day, then attempt to go back to the day before or the one before that. Attempt to go back as far as your memory can take you to identify the good things or blessing in life

4. You can include all aspects of your life for this exercise. Include the work-life, family, school, college, community, place of worship, and every other place you can think of

5. You have to attempt to identify at least ten blessings. On the first day, it could be a bit difficult, but by doing it every day, it will become a breeze. In fact, as you get habituated, ten good things will appear like a breeze. You could have twenty or more

6. Ensure that you thank God, Soul, Universe, or even a person (in your mind) for the great feeling

7. Then relax and slowly move ahead to the next part of the exercise

8. You have to follow the same process everyday morning

It is said that a habit is formed by the repeated doing of something for 21 days. So, in 21 days, this powerful exercise could become your habit. Can you imagine yourself getting up every morning and starting your day feeling successful? How good will that day be? I am sure it will be exhilarating.

2. Appreciation

 A few of you would be wondering what is the difference between saying “thank-you” and “appreciation”. I had written about the difference sometime back, and that is something you can refer to. However, for the sake of most, let me outline it a bit. While in the gratitude mode, which also includes thank-you, you are in the sense of feeling happy knowing that someone or something helped you out of a not-so-happy situation. In that sense, a memory of the unpleasant condition, albeit to a minimal extent, remains in the gratitude mood.

However, appreciation is something that comes with no reference to the past. You may appreciate a beautiful flower by the roadside while walking. There is no reference to anything before that. You love the flower and appreciate it. So, that’s the basic difference.

Having understood the difference, we need to follow the appreciation exercise.


What Do I Do, this time?

This is the second exercise and is comparatively easy. You will need a book and a pen for this exercise. All you have to do is to look around and appreciate things around you, which you had so far taken for granted. You can go by whatever you see. Your appreciation list can be:

1. I appreciate my health (since many are in the hospital as we speak)

2. I appreciate my beautiful home (since there are millions of homeless people around the globe)

3. I appreciate my car (because many do not even have means of transport to travel from one place to another)

4. I appreciate the blessings of a loving family

5. I appreciate the fact that I have an income

.. and so on. Attempt at least ten. Gradually, you can target to write at least twenty and keep increasing every month. 😊

And That’s the Recipe!

Spending about fifteen to twenty minutes every day to count your blessings and appreciating life is good enough to set the tempo for the day. In the beginning, it may appear like too much effort, but our success lies in our perseverance. We need to persist till our unpleasant mood leaves us for good.

Remember, this would become a habit in just twenty-one days, and you would be on happiness autopilot.

So persist and win and start a successful day, every day!!


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When my husband died I did not have a will for anything. I was sad and hopeless. That mood changed one morning when I get up and say: I will not do this anymore! I started to thank God I get up live and healthy

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3 years ago

So sorry to hear about your husband. Glad you could find yourself to a stronger you. Thanking God is an awesome way to start your day and live a happy life. And the realization that your better half is with God, after all, should be soothing. I can understand you because I lost my mom too. So, I am glad that you are well. God bless!

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3 years ago