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Early morning walks

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1 month ago

Hey read citizens, i hope everyone is having a good time, happy new month.

lead image from unsplash other images were taking by yours truly. Decided to take a walk in the early hours of the morning around some areas inside my school this morning. You see because of the Covid I often don’t get the opportunity to go around school area, so anytime I happen to step inside my school i usually seize the opportunity to take as much pictures as I can.

First I left the school"s chapel library which was close to the school’s chapel and mosque. You see my school is a public school so unlike most schools in Nigeria there is an equal number of Christians and Muslims. The mosque reminds me of a building I did a research on in the past. I love the overall structure and the trees around the building. Another thing I love about my school's mosque is the fact that even though I am a Christian they allowed me receive lectures at the back of the mosque as some point in my first year when I had difficulties finding tutorial centers around they school.

We didn’t walk very far before we got to ..

The school’s central bank

Okay it isnt actually the central bank of Nigeria, my friends and I nicknamed it the central bank because of it position on the school's map. The access bank of Nigeria which is the bank closest to the students hall is a popular place where students can meet up mostly in the evenings because of the serene environment and free wifi provided by the bank added to the beautiful trees and grass floor, the lightings and flowers around the area makes it really attractive. After a hard day doing school work one could just sit there and just take a nice cool rest while listening to music and surfing the internet for free.


Social sciences to the second gate

Shortly after we passed the bank we walked towards the faculty of social sciences ultimately heading for the second gate which would lead to our hostel. On our way we saw a weird figure figure and by we I mean myself @Gaftekloriginal and @Toka . At first I thought it was a mentally sick person because she was scraping the waste bin close to her looking for something also she was making weird noises but as we drew closer we noticed that the figure was a woman doing something that looked like a prayer and so she was walking around while she said her prayers . We thought it was weird but who are we to judge. We continued in that path till we eventually got to the gate .

On getting to the gate around 5:43 am there were no busses or motorcycles around, just a handful of people and few security men were just walking around doing what security men do .I suggested we go back inside and wait a while till we could find a bus or at least a tri-cycle also stating the fact that it could be dangerous walking to the hostel at this time of the day considering several reports of robbery in the area in recent years but @Gaftekloriginal and @Toka easily convinced me that it was safe and that they have walked these road paths before stating that it was totally secure and I need not to fret. I agreed and soon we started our journey to our a hostel.

We eventually got to the hostel by 6;12am i just went to bed and slept till 10am.


stay safe

peace and love

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Written by   7
1 month ago
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Thats good you decided to have long walks in the early hours of morning.I am glad to hear that they allow you to hear your lectures in the back side of the Mosque. It was a pleasurable walk I hope you enjoyed it.

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1 month ago

yes i did thank you for your contribution

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1 month ago