StackExchange provides shelter for homeless BCH developers

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4 years ago

It's time to start BUIDLing a Knowledge Center for Bitcoin Cash developers. "could" become a home for Bitcoin Cash developers, enthusiasts, and the like .. but first, it will be up to the community to make it happen, by proving our worthiness to the Gods of SE. 🙏

So, be prepared to offer up your MOST inquisitive questions? 🧐

What's with this whole proposal process?

StackExchange is the #1 Q&A website for many technology communities; and they won't just accept anybody. As a community, the BCH developers will need to prove ourselves worthy, and appeal to their good graces.

BCH developers MUST stand trial before the StackExchange community.

How do we do that? Well, I thought you'd never ask:

  1. Interested parties propose and discuss sample questions to define what the site is — and is not — about.

  2. Users are asked to commit to participate in the site to assure that the site will have enough participation — we don't want to create ghost towns.

  3. The site is launched for a beta period to seed it with questions, develop the FAQ, appoint temporary moderators, and refine its design.

  4. If a site reaches critical mass, it becomes a full member of the Stack Exchange Network.

What are the benefits?

  1. Search engine discovery (eg. Google, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, etc)

  2. A public knowledge base (especially for NEW developers)

Area 51 — New Site Staging Zone

Before the world will see what we have to offer; StackExchange restricts us a staging area. It's the same for ALL new communities, in order to show off what of "value" we've got to offer to the greater SE network.

BCH developers will require "special" clearance before entering StackExchange.

It's nothing too onerous, but I urge you to please check out their FAQ, for more complete details on what's required for us to qualify.

The "Definition" Phase

This is the very first stage of bringing Bitcoin Cash to the SE network. And this is where we are now..

The goal is to come up with at least 40 questions that embody the topic's scope. When at least 40 questions have a score of at least ten net votes (up minus down), then the proposal is considered "defined."

So, we need to get to work. Start posting your questions and respective answers to the staging area. Once we've reached the 40 question minimum, we can then proceed on to the next phase.

Questions can be upvoted if you think they'll be interesting, downvoted if you think they won't be, and closed if you think they are a poor fit for the community.

Ya'll know how this works already, so no explanation needed (but just in case .. click on the links provided above).

The "Commitment" Phase

A site moves to the "Commitment" phase when its definition is complete and it has a show of support from enough potential users. If a proposal doesn't have followers, the site will not get created.

With all the knowledge and talent of the Bitcoin Cash community, it shouldn't take very long to reach this next phase.

The "Beta" Phase

Beta. Perhaps the most important phase. This is the actual, live site set up on a "probationary" basis to see if people use it.

This is where we NEED to reach .. and this is when we GO LIVE!

Wash your face .. clean your teeth .. We're about to GO LIVE BABY!!

It's going to take work though. I'm prepared to support in any and every way possible. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly if you have any questions about how to contribute to this effort.

If a proposal loses momentum, it may be re-evaluated or merged with similar proposals. Proposals with insufficient activity are subject to removal.

This is what we DO NOT want to happen. So please consider using this staging area as an alternative to posting ALL developer questions, as opposed to Reddit, Telegram, and GitHub, at least until we get through to Beta.

So what makes a good Bitcoin Cash question?

This is first and foremost a community for "expert knowledge"; so it's very important to be as technical as possible when posting new questions.

There are NO bad questions .. Each and every inquiry will help in shaping this new community.

Avoid asking questions that are subjective, argumentative, or require extended discussion. Stack Exchange does not work well with questions like "Which is the best…"

I don't want to discourage ANYONE .. It's also perfectly okay to be vague or uncertain. All questions will contribute in shaping the "definition" of what this new community will become.

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3 years ago

I like stackexchange. The platform has provided me with a lot of help. Let's go for it.

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4 years ago

hand down, stackexchange is the best knowledge center for tech enthusiasts..

i'm eager to get this process complete, as I know it will bring more attention from developers who are SEARCHING about crypto..

currently, the majority of developers are sharing their knowledge via Telegram; but that's a "private" platform and ALL that knowledge is locked behind a "walled garden" so to speak..

in my experience, (at least for Google and DuckDuckGo) search engines will prioritize "technology" results from stackexchange, which is something Bitcoin Cash needs to attract more BUIDLers who are curious about the world of crypto

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4 years ago