Celebrating Valentine Birthday with Friends!

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2 years ago

I couldn't make and post an article yesterday because I went somewhere and it was too late at night when I got home.

It was Valentine's day yesterday, but I didn't go on a date. Because I don't have a girlfriend. But I attended a special day in the life of one of my close friends since we were just in highschool. Because yesterday was her birthday.

I also had many other friends who went with me.To commemorate our friend's birthday. And also to make her happy on her birthday.

It’s really fun when you become part of a special day in the life of a friend or loved ones in life. It was also great because I celebrated Valentine’s and birthday with my friends together.

Not like others who have held valentine's with their bf or gf. I am very happy to be with my friends. Because even in the little time we spend together we have a lot of laughter and stories we share to each other. It feels so good to be with friends who are ones of the important people in my life that I considered a family as well.

It was a day well spent. And now we go back to each other's normal lives. Hopefully we will be together in the next events in each other's lives. For my friends, "always be careful and I love you guys!"

Thank you for your time!

How about you my dear readers? How did you spent the Valentine's day?

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