My top 5 favorite foods

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3 years ago
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So today I want to share this most-important list that I'm sure everyone is interested in.

Anyways... I'm very basic on my choices in food. I don't really like complicated stuff and god please don't serve me anything that is bittersweet. Both in my life choices as well as in food preferences you could say I'm pretty classic. So, without further ado, here is my top 5:

1 - Burgers and fries:

The ol' reliable. A nice burger with lots of chees, pickles, a fair share of bacon and a soft bread, accompanied by a nice serving of fries and a cold beverage (preferable Coca-Cola) does it for me. I could eat this anytime of the day.

2 - Pizza:

This is like a wildcard for me. Anytime I wanna eat something tasty but don't wanna cook or if I've had a burger recently, pizza is my choice to go. Again, with a cold beverage is like touching the sky with my hands.

3 - Gnocchi:

Fun-fact, when I was a kid I didn't quite liked them. I was more of a spaghettis kind of kid. But as I was growing I started finding them more and more tasty. What ultimately made me put them on my list is thinking of my grandma's gnocchi's. Both the flavor and the love you get from grandma's cooking is immesurable.

4 - Milanesas with smashed potatoes:

In English I believe you could translate "milanesas" into breaded-beef. It is, as it's names suggests, beef with a cover of bread. Accompanied with fries or smashed potatoes is glory.

5 - Ice-Cream:

Technically not a "meal" but still a food and gosh... I could eat like a kilo of ice-cream without bating an eye. One of my favorite times of the days is when, after a long day, I finally get to go to bed. I put on a nice show on TV or just watch some YouTube channels I like while eating ice-cream. The perfect recipe for a sweet dream haha.

Well kids. I hope you got hungry reading this post. I know for sure I did. It's still not time for dinner but it is time for an evening meal :)

Bye! Stay safe and remember: food is not only about nutrients, it is also about having fun :)

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3 years ago
Topics: Diet, Lifestyle, Foods