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3 years ago

One of the key aspects that helps people achieve (or not) their goal is the ability to be consistent with the daily routine that was planed as a way to attain something.

You may have heard it before, it is sort of a motto for all the fitness folks out there: "you have to make it a habit".

I'm a man of phrases. I even started a few days ago an Instagram page where I upload quotes I like (feel free to check it if you'd like, it is called quotespanglish as the phrases are both in English and in Spanish).

As I was saying, I'm a man of phrases and I agree a hundred percent with the habits one, but I've seen and read it more times than I can remember and I'm starting to hate it! Haha.

So I try to think it differently (or word it in other ways where the word "habit" does not show). What I always end up saying to my patients: you can screw it badly, get off track in ways you didn't expect, but everything can be re-arranged and directions can be corrected. You just need to wake up the next morning (or week or month) with the following mentality

"Okey... I messed up. I can't change what is already done, but I still get to choose what happens next. If I keep messing up or if I quit, I'll be further away from my goal. The longer I delay re-starting, the harder it'll be. But, in the other hand, if I begin doing everything that was working for me before I had a setback, I'll recover from this quickly and be done with it"

I know is easier said than done, and reaching that level of acceptance is hard. Real hard. But from my humble point of view, it's better to try and fail in achieving some major "enlightenment" than to keep repeating over and over the same fad diets or extreme attempts that ultimately end up leaving us exactly at the same place we started (or even worse).

So... what to do after messing it up? Well... you get up. You give it a big old F word. You fcus on getting back on whatever it is you were doing before, and don't overthink it too much. And you keep trying and failing... Because that's what this is all about: keep doing it even though you fail sometimes.

Merry Xmas (you filthy animal) and a Happy New Year!!

(Like if you got the Home Alone reference lol)

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