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The 'girl' with cancer was telling her boyfriend

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1 year ago

– "I will die" !!!

"But, who will love you?"

“Who will watch ,, ???

"Who will rule over you?"

"Who will fight with, ???

"You have the habit of waking up at night" !!!

"Bad habit of not eating" !!!

“Who will feed you with gossip ,, ???

"Who will listen to music and sleep, ???

"You better get married" !!!

"Please before I die" !!!

"At least I want to see" - "You'll be fine", "Even if I'm not" !!!

"The boy sobbed and cried," He hugged the girl to his chest and said "-" Shut up, shut up "!!!

"Nothing will happen to you" !!!

"I can't be anyone but you" !!!

"Never" !!!

"I love you" !!!

You are my "crazy" !!!

"You will not die" !!!

"You can't die" !!!

"Creator cannot do that" !!!

"Tears are flowing from the girl's eyes" !!!

"The pains in my chest have burned like a smoldering fire" !!!

People who love "such" have to leave ,, ???

"You know what the girl said" - "I'm very scared in the dark" !!!

"But look, after a few days you will be in perpetual darkness" !!!

"Don't tell me what I'm going to do, ???"

"I really want to keep my head on your chest," to be in the light for life "!!!

"There are tears in the boy's eyes" !!!

"Two people are hugging each other in the chest and crying silently" !!!

"A few days after this incident" - "The girl died" !!!

"The boy sits next to the girl's grave every night" !!!

"One by one, lighting candles," illuminating the girl's grave "!!!

"Don't sleep at night thinking that" —— "The girl can't stand the darkness" !!!

"Lately, the boy has also been diagnosed with cancer" !!!

"The boy is very tense" !!!

"Don't worry about death" !!!

"The boy is thinking when he leaves," Who will light the candle in the grave?

"The girl is so scared in the dark" !!!

"Good on the other side of 'Holy Love' !!!"

"Sincerity in the bondage of the heart" !!!


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Written by   151
1 year ago
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Sad love story dear... Go ahead...

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1 year ago

Tnx dear

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1 year ago

Welcome dear

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1 year ago

You are most welcome

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1 year ago

Sad love story. It’s really a holy love story.

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1 year ago


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1 year ago