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Romantic love story

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# Episode_04

After finishing the life meeting, he returned home fresh and called Tisha.

Tisha: What do you do baby?

Life: I just came home fresh. What do you do

Tisha: I'm just coming back from the parlor. I came with a haircut.

Life: You actually cut his hair two days ago.

Tisha: You are forgetting that it is the digital age. Every day you have to be fresh real. The hair is cut.

Life: Hmm, I understand. If you don't do this, who will? Because you will be the wife of Chowdhury's house.

Tisha: Baby, I'm not leaving today. I'll spend the night with you,

Life: OK ,,, Baby Love You.

Aunt Rahima goes through life with coffee. Life is drinking coffee and thinking about the partner.

Life: Actually a crazy girl. I said okay. Do I have to go to the hospital? And there is that name.

Annoying ...

Jerin: Who cares. And which girl are you talking about?

Life: Mom, you know, I bumped into a girl today. He fell to the ground and got pain in his hands and feet. I'm telling him you're fine, so he says what's your name? It feels like

Jerin: You can ask for the name, so you can leave without telling him the name. It did injustice.

Life: I have done a lot of what I have done. I will not allow the 3rd person to enter between me and Tishara.

Jerin: Prove Tisha worthy of Chowdhury's house first and then get married. And yes remember you won't get married until Shruti gets married.

Life: You misunderstand me mother. I didn't get angry with him like that. What do you mean, baby?

Jerin: Got it. Shruti has to be brought from varsity. Do you remember that?

Life: Yes mother. I remember. This varsity will be on holiday now, I am bringing him.

Jerin: ok my dear son.take care ..

… ......

Companion: 6

Myth: 6

Companion: I think I will make you even after crossing seven seas.

Myth: Your sister is a very naughty but sweet person.

Raj: Do you understand how he is? If you stay with him one day, you will understand what kind of people he is.

Companion: I eat Tar Baap.

Raj: Whose khas.

Companion: Keep track of what I ate. My handsome will pay their dues. Let's think we have nothing to do with him.

Shruti: But I will take you to our house one day.

Raj: Don't do that. I will drive everyone crazy and drive them to Pabna.

Myth: No problem. We will all soften a little warm.

Sathi: Thank you so much ....... Love u

Shruti: I have to go now. Brother will come.

Raj: I also have a little work. If your partner has work to do, finish it. Coming in 10 minutes.

Companion: Go to him, brother, think bye, kiss me

Rose: Look how beautiful a boy is coming to our varsity.

Companion: Shut up Sally. My crush is the most beautiful in the world.

Rose: Take a look at it.

Companion: I'll see. You see, Shankchunni. But that takes a while. None knows except Allah.

Rose: Coming here.

Companion: Crush I find in the sky. You are in the air, you are the lotus flower in my heart.

Abol Tabol is singing and dancing and there is a push in life. The companion went and fell on the chest of life. And the lips met (what a shame to say romantic বলতে)

Companion: No salare. Before he could kiss me anymore, life took over automatically. No one could see her hair falling on both sides. Later, realizing life, she made her partner stand up.

Life: What happened to me. Why did this girl actually make my heart beat faster for me? Tisha is not like that. I remember

Companion and mother ... My crush kissed me

Is your name?

Life: Do you always jump?

Companion: What is your name, Babu?

Life: Do you have any more work? Are you just behind my name?

Companion: Name

Life: Without saying anything else, he went to fetch Shruti.

Companion: Which is gone.

Rose: If you behave like this, people will call you crazy.

Companion: If you say crazy, don't tell me. Shut up you

Rose: Whatever you think. I can't talk to Tar.

Companion: Where did my crush go that year?

Rose: I haven't seen it.

Companion: So what are you looking at Sally. Shankchunni's child.

Rose: Let's go to the 2nd floor, I think it will be there.

Companion: Come on

Shruti: Brother, you have come. Let's finish my work

Life: Hmm, let's go. How was the class today?

Shruti: Good ,,,,

Life is good if it is good

Shruti: Brother, I got a best today.

Life: The first day

Shruti: Hmm

Life: Go and sit in the car. There is something to talk about, sir.

Myth: All right

Life goes on to meet Sir. On the other hand, the partner is coming back without finding life, upset. I get you again. Needless to say, another push. Ever's push is very strong because Ever is hitting the wall, life catches him as soon as his partner falls.

Life: Can't you see? Turn your eyes to the hand.

Companion: What actually happened?

Before that he closed his eyes and put his head on the chest of life.

Rose: What happened?

Life: Nothing happened. But ask your girlfriend to read her 500 glasses. And you take care of your friend and leave your life partner in Rose's lap.

Rose: I have to say that my partner has a choice. Very beautiful. Cute.

Companion: Where am I?

Rose: In my lap.

Companion: I was in the lap of my crush.

Rose: She's gone, leaving her with me.

Companion: Which way did you go?

Rose: Didn't see.

Companion: You are ashamed to say my best. You can't see anything.

Rose: No problem. Tomorrow I will find out his name together with 2 people.

Companion: Ok.

Raj: What happened?

Rose: I mean brother's crush.

Companion: Nothing. Let's go to the hostel.

Shruti: Brother, why are you late?

Life: I was in the company of a madman.

Shruti: Everyone is crazy about you.

Life: But this girl is more crazy.

Shruti: What if you fall in love?

Life: Shut up. I won't let anyone in between me and Tishara.

Shruti: To my knowledge, their marriage will never happen.

Life: Promise ,,, will

Shruti: promise ...


Companion: Brother, you go. We can go.

Raj: I can go to Sure.

Companion: Hmm, I will leave every day.

Raj: Okay.

As soon as Raj leaves, a boy calls his partner from behind ,,,,,,,,


Let me know how it went. Please. If you don't like it, avoid it. Please don't comment badly.

Mistakes will be forgiven. I will make it bigger from the 21st.

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Written by   151
1 year ago
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Nice love story dear brother.keep it up

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Very nice and romantic love story. You wrote very well .

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