World is opening up again

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2 years ago

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World is opening up again

And I couldn't be happier

Hopefully if things go well I am planning to take a vacation soon.

I am planning on using Crypto to travel

One thing I want to do is to use Crypto as, well a currency, currently the options are limited but I am planning to use to book something.

I just want to feel the novelty of actually using the CryptoCurrency

But it depends on the market, I will only do it if the price is decent, if the market is quite red and back to the old fiat.

Hopefully the prices will be good enough to at least do a small booking on

We all have been inside for far too long

The Pandemic has been hard for many of us, many of the tourism centric economies have been devastated.

The people trapped inside had to cope up with home arrest like situation, confined to their homes.

This has been mentally exhausting for most of us.

The countries that are opening up

It may still take some time for everything to get back to normal but many of the countries are moving towards that direction


It seems Malaysia may reopen to international travelers as early as March 1

One of the most important thing right now for travelers is being exempt from quarantine on arrival, luckily Malaysia seems to be moving towards quarantine-less arrival.


Bali is an important destination and a really amazing place with kind people. I can recommend Bali to anyone in a heartbeat.

While it seems the Bali has opened up to travelers there is an quarantine requirement. Which is a bummer I am hoping that in view that Bali is a heavily tourism dependent, the Indonesian government may soon take right decisions.


One of the countries I have never visited but desperately want to, the good news coming could be the the requirement for facility-based quarantine can get replaced with a requirement to self-monitor for seven days. As of now I am not clear what does that mean but it sounds better than quarantine.


Thailand, the go to destination for travelers across the world, has already made the changes to invite back the tourists back to its shores.

With the "Test & Go" program vaccinated travelers visit the country with the need for quarantine.

I am been to Thailand before but only to the southern side, really want to explore the north as well.

Time to go?

I am eager to go on another trip and will be planning soon, however I am still waiting for further development as the things unfold. If all seems to run smoothly I am hoping I'll be on my way in April.

Where are you planning to go once things are normal again...

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