When Lambo?

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2 years ago

So I am mostly a humble guy

And I am into Crypto for the technology and the revolution.

But even a simple guy like me want nice things from time to time

Just saw this video today

I saw this video today where someone is showing off their Lamborghini Urus

Check out the video:


And... I was like 'I want that'

Now I truly understand why people say 'When Lambo?', Lol.

But honestly its nice to look at and probably not that useful and mostly just a show off. That I know for sure and any decent vehicle would give a better value.

So I don't think even if I became a Millionaire that I would purchase a Lambo, still thou...

Anyways, just right now I was watching another video by Lost LeBlanc

And I was like 'Man I really want to move to Bali

Lol, again on this fantasy trip.

Now I am not a rich dude by any means but have visited Bali as a tourist.

And I loved it, if I could I would definitely want too live there.

What's with the Crypto Millionaire!?

I posted a article 3 months ago called My new year resolutions

Where I listed down my 3 resolutions

  1. Quit my job, and get a better job

  2. Become a Crypto Millionaire

  3. Become socially acceptable

Which are going terrible at the moment

Thank you for asking, lol.

In fact I am losing money

Furthermore, I don't know how I am going to get that much Crypto to become a Millionaire.

Kinda lost on that front to be honest and not sure where to go from here.

But hey, I still a boy can dream...

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2 years ago


Never stop dreaming my friend. Dreams do come true. Right now I’m kinda lost and loosing too, but I don’t stop dreaming either 💙

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2 years ago

Thanks friend, hope we both recover very soon.

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2 years ago