The Corona Excuse

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1 year ago

The ongoing pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic is still hasn't been declared over nor has it been declared to be an endemic as of yet.

And while it is true that we should still be careful and shouldn't let our guard down,

the world is this moving back towards some normalcy.

People are going back to work.

People are vacationing overseas.

Restaurants & Malls are open again.

THE World is Healing.

Still the old excuse

Still for many the pandemic is still an excuse for not doing their job.

If a flight gets cancel blame it on the pandemic,

If a deadline is missed blame it on the pandemic,

If an exam gets canceled blame it on the pandemic,

etc, etc, etc.

I can go on and on about what else is being blamed on the pandemic, but I feel you guys the readers can fill in better example that you are experiencing yourself.

In fact, I invite you to write your own examples in the comments below.

The collective excuse

It seems we has a species have came out of the crisis collectively as less efficient version of the society that we once were, not that we were any good to began with but the downward spiral of the human experience has become an accelerated decay.

The worst of the blame

We all know who are the worst offenders in this and I know most of you might be pointing that figure towards public servants, bureaucrats, politicians and the like,

But they are at the 2nd place

And the worst of he offender are you & me, Us the common people

It is us who take these excuses and stay quite, it is us that don't question.

Honestly we are to be blamed.

We give our phone number at grocery checkout and complain when we are bombarded with ad massages and calls.

We are afraid to say No to the cashier so that we are not called a "Karen".

We are to be blamed

Don't like something raise your voice, say something and don't be afraid to walk away.

Know when to stop.

Say no and if someone doesn't comply then leave.

If all of us start dong that then they will listen.

A single person walking out won't make a dent but a large group will hurt their quarterly reports.

If things are delayed or canceled then ask why

Don't be rude but ask why and if the reason is not good enough make your voice heard.

World is already in a spiral

With left wingers and conservatives turning everything into a racist agenda, we the common folks shouldn't just stay quite in order to be nice and civil. We should let thee left wingers know what do we think about them.

This isn't the time for that, that time has passed and being nice is no longer an option.

Sorry for the long rant... Peace

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1 year ago


While we have the right and we have the voice, some are exercising theirs in the wrong way, thus the Karens of the world. Some are just feeling entitled without reason and then play the victim card in the end. SMH

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1 year ago

Yes, and the true Karens of the world have found their voice because we the commoners have given them the leverage. If a Karen create drama we try to get this over with and resolve the situation in civil way, this is what gives them their powers. The "excuse" for the repeated behavior and the disregard for the rest of us. Trump won because Karens' thunderous applause drowned the voice of reason.

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1 year ago

You are right, everyone of us has a responsibility for this.

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1 year ago

Yes, I know in a world full of bad actor not being tolerant is viewed as negative. But being tolerant and being obedient are two separate things.

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1 year ago

Indeed, tolerance and obedience are not the same at all.

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