Just aquired the domain: 1bchclub.wallet

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2 years ago

If you don't know about blockchain domains then read my old article https://read.cash/@nomadghada/blockchain-based-domain-names-as-nft-8d4ba8ff

I am a strong believer in the blockchain domains and there I have not only acquired a few domain names but also write about them.

Today I brought 1bchclub.wallet domain

If you are not aware then .wallet domains are new domains that are available for pre-order.

There are total of 8 new domain extensions









Unlike .crypto or .zil domain names they are not claimable for now because some of the development kinks are being ironed out.

However, a lot of people are are buying these new extension domain names. One guy on tweeted that he acquired mybch.wallet (lucky guy)

Why 1bchclub.wallet?

So, I wanted a .wallet domain name so that I could later set it up to receive Crypto (mostly BCH)

As you know 1bchclub is a popular term in the BitcoinCash community as the people who have at least 1 BCH.

(I don't have 1 BCH, hopefully this domain will change that)

Another reason to use 1bchclub is because if you add a number to your domain name it becomes significantly cheaper.

It was just my luck that I got a popular term at such price.

These domains are ETH NFTs

Since these domain names are essentially NFTs on Ethereum blockchain they are tradable with no recurring fees.

Perhaps I can also sell it to someone for a good amount of BitcoinCash after it becomes claimable.

Perhaps someone like @MarcDeMesel can pay me 10 BCH for it, lol

In any case I can always use is as my wallet address or who knows maybe even build a website on it.

I'll probably buy a few more domains and make a post about why I brought that domain.

Thanks for reading

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2 years ago